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Troy is now famous

My brother told me that he hopes he can someday again be featured on my blog. I guess he thinks I’m cool or something. Well, cool-ness is not contagious via posting, but this way he won’t tell mom on me.

So…last weekend when home in Omaha for Lara’s wedding, I visited him at his new place. He and his girlfriend bought a house together. So now one really tall guy and one really short girl live together under one roof with one really big, puppy-eyed mutt and one tiny, fluffy-scruffy Shitzu. Dozer and Leila. What a pair.

CAn you tell we are related? SEriously, we don’t look alike….but luckily, none of us has lived in any one else’s shadow. 🙂
These are paintings I made for Troy to hang in his room a few Christmases ago. I’m not an arteest with a paintbrush in hand…but I faked it for awhile. 🙂
That’s Troy and his girlfriend. I mean…Dozer. haha 😉 (jk, wendy!)… But did I tell you my brother can be sorta disgusting? I think he actually LIKES this sort of thing.

So there, Teej. You made it. Show all your friends. And if i don’t get at least 8 comments from unique people, I’m taking this post down by next weekend. hee hee… 🙂


your sister

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  • Ashley - for the sake of your brother I will contribute one comment haha- I’m sure I could catch a similar picture of my boyfriend and my dog slobbering all over him. Guys and puppies, I tell ya..ReplyCancel

  • Temple & Nick - You had better not take Dozer down!!!ReplyCancel

  • Troy - Yay! I’m unique aren’t I???

    May blow up that dozer pic and make him a wall mural!!!ReplyCancel

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