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WEE ONES: The return of my niece… {Kansas City children photographer}

Go figure that the most difficult session I’ve ever had was with my niece. Go figure that my sister tells me that Cailin reminds her a lot of me because I always have to go-go-go. The whole relaxing thing? Yeah, I’m not too good at it. And apparently, Cailin can’t sit still either. Of course, she is at the most challenging age to photograph anyway… not quite 2 years old.

Sessions at this age entail me chasing after them… snapping when I can… cracking up when it becomes apparent that their smiles & cooperation only come out to play when the camera is away from my face. I can’t blame them… a black piece of technology in their faces isn’t exactly interesting or entertaining.

But Cailin and I share another trait…we’re both persistent. 😉 So I hung in there until we got enough to be satisfied. So here is my favorite little girl in the world (who will continue to be that until I someday have one of my own and then she might move to a close 2nd. 😉 haha)

{All images were taken in Stuart, Nebraska (pop: 620 or so)…which is where my mom grew up with her 7 brothers and sisters. The first few were out behind my grandma’s house…the others were at my aunt & uncle’s place down the road. THANKS, Debbie & Neal! I’d thank Grandma here, too…but she thinks things like internet are “staying one step ahead of the Lord…” Needless to say…she doesn’t even own a computer.)

These first three are lumped together in a series called…”Sunkissed Rascal.” (And yes, I just thought of this…impressed, no? )

DarbiGPhotography-kansas city child photographer-C-22-100

DarbiGPhotography-kansas city child photographer-C-22-101DarbiGPhotography-kansas city child photographer-C-22-102

DarbiGPhotography-kansas city child photographer-C-22-103

Hints at what she’ll look like when she’s a teenager…on the left is when she is timidly asking for something that might not get the answer she wants.  The one on the right is when her suspicions are confirmed.
DarbiGPhotography-kansas city child photographer-C-22-105DarbiGPhotography-kansas city child photographer-C-22-104

And how about this face? I see my sister in her here…
DarbiGPhotography-kansas city child photographer-C-22-106

You want to have kids whom you can someday put in cute hats (more for our enjoyment than theirs??) My advice is to start putting hats on them from the time they come out of the womb…(newborn sessions!!!) Cailin rarely bucks when Temple tops off her cute lil’ head. In fact, I think she LOVES it.
DarbiGPhotography-kansas city child photographer-C-22-107

My faves…because I see two sides of her six-sided personality…

DarbiGPhotography-kansas city child photographer-C-22-109

DarbiGPhotography-kansas city child photographer-C-22-108

the millionth time that pouty-McPouterson showed her hatred for the photo session…and her first-ever “ride” on a tractor!!
DarbiGPhotography-kansas city child photographer-C-22-110DarbiGPhotography-kansas city child photographer-C-22-111

And to close… a darling female cat from my aunt & uncle’s farm…her name is Flashlight. Duh. 😉
DarbiGPhotography-kansas city child photographer-C-22-112

I have to wait till the end of May till I see my lil’ C again!!! Boo-hiss!!!

Have a fabulous week, all! And if you’re wanting to get on the books for a newborn, children, maternity or family session, email me ASAP because June is filling fast! (April & May are booked solid!)


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