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NEW LIFE: Good golly, lil’ miss Molly! {newborn photography}

I can’t believe I’m at the age when my friends are going to start popping out babies left and right! Well, they did it…my good friend Jennifer and her husband Steven brought into this world a pinch-the-cheeks adorable baby girl.

Weighing in at 8 lbs, 2 oz… 21 inches long…born just 5 minutes into March 5… was Molly.

When I met her, she was 10 days old…and it only took a few seconds before I was squealy and sappy… and then to see Jenn & Steven look at her with such love and pride, man…that is what REALLY got me. Jennifer was at my side as I captured their baby girl in all her snooziness and at one point, Jennifer giggled and said, “It’s just hard to believe that she’s really mine!” And who wouldn’t be proud to claim this darling?

DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City newborn photographer-031511-MY-100DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City newborn photographer-031511-MY-101

DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City newborn photographer-031511-MY-102

DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City newborn photographer-031511-MY-103DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City newborn photographer-031511-MY-106

DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City newborn photographer-031511-MY-104

DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City newborn photographer-031511-MY-107

And meet Molly’s big sister…Sadie! Sadie adores Molly too!

DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City newborn photographer-031511-MY-109

Wearing a hat that Uncle Josh got her!!
DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City newborn photographer-031511-MY-111DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City newborn photographer-031511-MY-112

DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City newborn photographer-031511-MY-113

DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City newborn photographer-031511-MY-114

DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City newborn photographer-031511-MY-115

And how about these next two…. big sister got jealous of all the loving that Jennifer was giving to Molly… and she was suddenly in the frame! Priceless!!

DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City newborn photographer-031511-MY-117DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City newborn photographer-031511-MY-118

And then she got the kisses out and I could hardly keep the camera to my face with all this sweetness.

DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City newborn photographer-031511-MY-119

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I am very glad that Jenn & Steven are doing the whole parenting thing before Neil and me. Jennifer is a very patient teacher and I’m sure that when it’s our turn, she’ll be a great source of info…and encouragement to me. And she’ll have those same qualities with Molly as she grows into a young lady. I am so excited to bear witness to her growing family. I love all three of you!!! xoxo

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