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PROMO: Free gift for KC photo sessions booked by May 31

Happy Mother’s Day! Moms are so rarely in photos. Many are content with having pics of their kids on their cell phone, or order a package from day care/preschool. But be honest. That’s not enough!

I get why you don’t like being in photos. I admit, I’m the same way.  But you need to have photos with you in them, regardless. Even if you don’t use the pics , even if you only show your closest friends, your kids will love that you braved the lens. If not today, someday. You don’t want your kids to have zero photographic proof of your presence in their lives.

Think of your own childhood. If you had a good relationship with your mom, dad or any other caretaker, you don’t care what they looked like in the few pictures you have today, right? Your only wish is that you’d have more of them. I myself wish this type of photography were around when I was a kid. What I would give for photos with my mom, dad and siblings like the ones that I enjoy creating for families.

So put your grimacing aside. Your son won’t care that you aren’t the same size you were before you had him. Your daughter won’t care that you’re not aging as well as you’d wished. But they’ll care that you loved them enough to be IN the photos with them. To document that love indelibly.

And don’t keep putting it off. Without getting too depressing, there is a such thing as “too late.” I’m not just talking about morbid scenarios. I’m talking about the fact that your kids grow so fast. The dynamics of your family change with each passing year. Capture the here and now… now!

As a lil’ incentive, I am running a special for the month of May! Book a summer (June/July/August) lifestyle session by May 31 and get a complimentary 10×10 acrylic print ($135 value)!! Email me at [email protected] for more information. (Sessions already booked/paid for/reserved not eligible for free gift. Spots are limited. Once session dates/times are filled, the promotion ends, even if it before May 31.)


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