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Kansas City boudoir photography: All kinds of sexiness…

This shoot actually took place way back in the ugly folds of the longest winter of my life. But yay for Ms. A for bring beauty to the season. This was a gift for her groom…they were just wed about a month ago. It makes SUCH A GREAT wedding gift. If you don’t believe me, I’ll have the groom send you a note. 😉

So on to the shoot. Once again, we used Orchard Hill Bed & Breakfast up in Lawson, Mo. for the Sugar & Spice session.

Here is one, and then I’m going to try to hide the rest (it only hides it on some browsers…FYI..), so if you don’t want to look at Victoria’s Secret-like poses, DON’T SCROLL!!! 🙂

DarbiGPhotography-kansas city boudoir photography-a-100DarbiGPhotography-kansas city boudoir photography-a-101

(YAY for her being a TIGER FAN!!)

Can someone say…STUNNER!
DarbiGPhotography-kansas city boudoir photography-a-103DarbiGPhotography-kansas city boudoir photography-a-102

DarbiGPhotography-kansas city boudoir photography-a-104

DarbiGPhotography-kansas city boudoir photography-a-105DarbiGPhotography-kansas city boudoir photography-a-107

DarbiGPhotography-kansas city boudoir photography-a-106

Wait…two more faves. haha
DarbiGPhotography-kansas city boudoir photography-a-108DarbiGPhotography-kansas city boudoir photography-a-109

DarbiGPhotography-kansas city boudoir photography-a-110DarbiGPhotography-kansas city boudoir photography-a-111

I want this necklace.
DarbiGPhotography-kansas city boudoir photography-a-112DarbiGPhotography-kansas city boudoir photography-a-113

DarbiGPhotography-kansas city boudoir photography-a-114

Ms. A…I know for a fact that Mr. J loved your gift (since I was there to take photos of him looking at your album!! I do hope you’ll never forget how BEAUTIFUL and SEXY you are!!! xoxox

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