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A tease of a teaser…

This past weekend, I was honored to be the photographer for my dear friend, Paige. She is also my officemate, so for the past 9 months, we have gone through many stages of wedding planning together. I was engaged two months before her..and she ends up getting married two months before me! But there has never been any rivalry. Instead, we’ve been just the opposite. We’ve dubbed our office the “Bridal Suite”… where wedding magazines, chit chat and hormones run wild…

We’ve used one another for ideas…approval…support…and permission to be giddy and distracted. It’s been a great several months. And these last two months before my own wedding, she’ll still be there…just a cubicle wall away…but from here on out…she’ll have two rings on her left hand…and be a proud man’s wife. 🙂

Anyway…she made a beautiful bride. That was expected…I mean….did you see her boudoir shots? Anyway… like all brides…some preparation was involved in order to get her to that once-in-a-lifetime degree of stunning.

I’m going to post a few blogs for her wedding as I process her images in chronological order. Each post will feature a different section of her and Joel’s big day.I know this is different from what I usually do…but it’s sort of fun to do this peek-a-boo method for someone with whom I spend eight hours of every day!! So here goes the first post… from the salon….and a few of the guys getting ready…

The ladies started off the day at Catherine Crum salon in Jefferson City.
And to be honest… if the pretty bridal party weren’t enough…the salon was a photographer’s dream..brightly colored walls…interesting decor… chic memorabilia that called for usage… such as:
That’s her beautiful head piece!!

One of her bridesmaids is six weeks from being a full-blown mommy! She glowed. She absolutely glowed. She wasn’t crabby….always smiling and sweet!

So I mentioned brightly colored walls, right? Yeah…well, the bathrooms? BRIGHT CROSSING- GUARD ORANGE!
So I thought it’d be interesting to hang her gown from the lights. The BMs admired from the orange-hued doorway…

Here’s a full-length shot of the dress… with a bit of a texture…

The flower girl…she’s precious. No?

Paige bought all the girls parasols…. she gave hers a go in the salon…I said it was okay because only umbrellas are bad luck to open inside….. right? 😉

I love this image of Paige.

Checking herself out in the mirror after her veil was in place…lovely, eh?

There was a bit of good-natured turmoil over how to do Paige’s sister’s hair. Shannon looked lovely…but she ended up not going with the feather flower… 🙂

Now at the church… their flowers were elegant and classic…

On to the boys…. Joel, the groom, is going to be a military surgeon. He had to polish his sword before the big day…
Somehow, holding the sword made him giddy….. and little-boy-like…

He put his steady surgeon hands to the test when he held the sword out…holding three very important pieces of metal… he had to hold it still enough for my mid-speed shutter speed in the dark hallway. Not bad, eh?
I always find guys with their timepieces somewhat alluring…
While the girls are working their butts off to get glamorous…the guys are relaxing…and watching one of their fave flicks… Stripes.
And a toast… because the show is about to begin…IMG_2083

I’ll be back…after the commercial break. (aka tomorrow night!)


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