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Take Two Tuesday….

To see the first part of this series of posts…scroll down to the next post and then return up here to see part deux!!!

Ok, so where was I? Oh yes…Paige was getting ready…
She put on her gorgeous gown and her look came together…. with a little help.

This basket was once carried down the aisle by Paige’s own mother when she herself was a flower girl.
If I can give one piece of advice to brides in regards to what they wear–it’s to spice up the shoes. They are never NOT sexy. 🙂

Like bride, like flower girl…scurrying back to hide before guests arrived…

The boys got into the lockers. For some, it was the first book they’d read in awhile. Or not…

A tender moment between Paige and her mom…

Does Joel look happy?? He should….

Because the bride is about to be handed over…

I think I teared up at the same time she did!!

When the newlyweds tried to get away..they were pelted with lavender seeds and rose petals. Paige said she had them in her mouth, her hair…and inside her dress!! At least the lavender smelled yummy!

Alright, that’s it for tonight. 🙂

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