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{Hitched} Ashley & Tom’s wedding at the VOX Theater

At Ashley & Tom’s wedding, my assistant Grace, and I were met with one thing after another propelled the wedding to the top of my list of faves. Here we go with some of the basic things that made it a special day for sure!

1. Her dress. It was so gorgeous. I’ve said it time and again, but strapless dresses are NOT the only type of wedding dress. And gowns with straps are so in, but so practical. And beautiful. Hers had a 1920s vibe to it, but yet still a modern feel. I couldn’t get enough. And his shoes were wingtips! Saucy!

2. They treated me to a SMALL wedding party. Small as in…only a maid of honor and a best man. Do you know how cool that is? And simple!? The whole day felt so intimate and personal. Plus it enabled Ashley and Tom to focus on their bestest of friends.

3. Her jewelry meant something. She wore a ring with a jade heart, and it was one that her father had bought for her mother over 20 years ago when they were in Ireland. Ashley’s mom passed away when Ashley was a little girl, and the ring became hers. Her bracelet was her grandmother’s. Together, the two pieces further brought together a “vintage” feel to her look.

4.  Also, they hired a kick-butt coordinator and florist… HITCHED PLANNING & FLORAL. They NEVER disappoint. Mihn Tu was the DAY OF coordinator, and as always, she was sweet, fun and a genuine advocate for what was best for Ashley & Tom. Oh, and totally amazing at the whole coordination thing. 😉  I can’t tell you enough how valuable a GOOD coordinator team is on the day of your wedding. In this case, they made sure the only hitch in the day was THEM…in a good way…get it?? 😉  Ok, SOOO incredibly corny…but I think there might be an advertising slogan there somewhere??? 😉

5. The flowers. Also by Hitched Planning & Floral …Amy always nails it. The bouquets were robust with orange blooms and billy balls (those yellow ball flowers…which I FINALLY learned the name of last summer…), and embedded within the vibrancy were berries and succulents. I love how the bouquets aren’t overly groomed. Looking at them, I got the same feeling I get when envying another female’s messy ponytail. Carefree, yet intentional. You know?

6. The shared looks between Ashley & Tom all day long were darling. You can tell they are one another’s pillar of strength and source of laughter. That is always an amazing foundation for not only a healthy relationship, but great photos! 😉 On top of that, they are so easy-going and fun. And conversation is so incredibly easy with them. And they get my jokes. That’s huge. 😉

7. The ceremony is the 2nd shortest one I’ve ever photographed. {I had one two years ago that lasted MAYBE 5 minutes total at a museum in Omaha}. But people were in amazing spirits afterward because the brevity was almost funny. And of course, it meant the sooner that cocktail hour would start. 😉

8. Speaking of cocktails–want to hear something awesome? Tom BREWS HIS OWN BEER! In the past 8 years, he’s created 15 beers. And they were on tap at their reception! I broke my own rule of not drinking on the job (with permission…actually…with URGING from the groom, ha) and tried the OH NO MILD ALE. Yummers. I didn’t finish it only because I didn’t want to lose focus in more ways than one. 😉 haha  But you can be sure that O’Neill’s Basement Brew was a hit with the guests!

9. The beer wasn’t just for drinking. It was incorporated into one of the flavors of cupcake… and the beef at dinner!

10. The band, Jimmy Dykes & the Blisstonians, killed it! They covered a variety of songs and really had the place grooving! Talented musicians they were!

11. The venue, VOX THEATER, is always such an awesome venue for a Kansas City wedding! It works great for a ceremony AND a reception. I LOVE when both events are at the same place, for purely selfish reasons…it’s simple! It’s less stressful on everyone, which always bodes well for photos. And it has a spot for “indoor” pics in case it’s too hot, or rainy! Which came in handy that day with a threat of precipitation during their First Glance…and for the Family formals. But later, the sunlight was soft and golden and we were able to play on the playground across the street. And by “play” I mean, take photos. 😉

12. I left the wedding feeling creatively satiated. That’s always a great feeling!!!

So yeah…enjoy the pics that portray all of the above and more!!!! And if you ever see Tom’s beer on the shelves…BUY BUY BUY! And then DRINK DRINK DRIN (but don’t drive!) 😉


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