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{Hitched} Jamie & Neal in Kansas City

I don’t even know where to start with this wedding. I guess I’ll begin with how lucky I am that one of my past brides and one of my photographer pals sent Jamie to me. Erika, the photog buddy, warned me: Darbi, I know a lot of people say this, but Jamie really is THE sweetest person ever.

She’s right about a lot of people saying that. But she’s even more right about Jamie being THE sweetest out there. Let’s put it this way, if I had to count the number of folks at her wedding who mentioned Jamie’s glow, her sunshiney-ness, her awesomeness or her genuine compassion for others–let’s just say, I’d fill up a legal pad of tick marks.

So what else do I adore about Jamie & Neal…and the day they got hitched? Well, curl up with a comfy blanket or a tall glass of ice water (depending on the temp where you are!) and allow me to share:

{A shout out to Ali Gripp for once again joining me for this wedding. Her companionship and 2nd perspective was invaluable!}

  • When I met Jamie & Neal a month before their wedding (they had been living in Rhode Island until late this summer), I immediately was warmed–and not by the hot tea I was drinking, either. It was their overall vibe. Neal was attentive and protective of Jamie, but shot me straight and requested that I be on guard for any of his notoriously fake smiles the day of the wedding. Jamie was bubbly with excitement…almost childlike, but not a bit of immaturity was to blame. And that sort of excitement is contagious.
  • Both of them picked professions that are above my head… Jamie is a doctor and Neal a lawyer. How freaking valuable will this duo be? Medical and legal knowledge under one roof!
  • They made it clear to me that they share a passion for books. Real, tangible books. Mostly the classics, but also some modern pieces. Jamie & Neal were sure to bring this element ten-fold to their wedding day. And they did! (You’ll see below!)
  • The bridesmaids were G.O.O.F.B.A.L.L.S. I cracked up and was joking with them within minutes of meeting them. They all played so nicely off one another’s energies and that made for some fun photos. But laughs aside, these girls had Jamie’s back…for EVERYTHING. I’ve never seen such strong bonds in a wedding party before.
  • Jamie has two maternal figures in her life–her mother and her step-mother. I was so humbled to see both of her moms envelope her with hugs, well wishes and giggles. It’s no wonder where Jamie herself gets such a lovable demeanor.
  • Neal’s “boys”…the groomsmen and ushers… were gentlemen, yet playful and witty. And oddly enough, as this small world turns, I happened to know a few of them from my early college days.
  • Their love, Josie, the dog showed up after the ceremony for a quick hug and kiss! πŸ™‚
  • Neal & Jamie are goo-goo for one another. They were the butt of many good-natured jokes that day…about their terms of endearment for one another make everyone laugh and how it is no surprise they are marrying someone who adores the other so much.
  • Jamie looks like Teri Hatcher.Β Β That made my job more easy. πŸ˜‰
  • Before the reception (at Clubhouse on Baltimore), Jamie & Neal and I went out onto the roof. Neal happened to step on JAmie’s dress. I got to witness (and document) their first “fight.” I only reveal this because it was THE cutest fight I’ve ever seen. If you see four pics in a row above the roof-top dance pic I took, THAT is what their fight looked like. Sigh. I heart them.
  • The toasts were super personable…and the one from the maid/matron of honor was so freaking memorable. πŸ˜‰ What an awesome group of friends who can joke with one another like that!
  • The entire day, Jamie & Neal made it clear that they trust me. That sort of bestowal further inspires me.
  • FINALLY! I had myself a MIZZOU bride & groom! hahaha
I better stop here. So take a peek at my fave images of the day…and I hope they do Jamie & Neal justice. Hugs to them…their families and their friends!!! xo


The left pic is them with me..and the right is Jamie w/ Amy, my past bride. (Erika couldn’t be there because she just had a {stinking adorable!!} baby!)

I have to include this. Because when I went up to tell Jamie we were headed out and wanted to check if she needed any other pics, she turned to me and in the cutest, sweetest voice… said the following…. [the word she really used was edited for the blog.] I couldn’t stop laughing. She is just nuts and wonderful. haha

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  • Jamie Lawless - I love everything! You captured our day perfectly! I know I’ll be looking at these over and over and over again! Thank you so much!!ReplyCancel

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  • Sue Scott - Stunning photos, beautiful wedding, beautiful bride! And Jamie IS a sweetheart.ReplyCancel

  • Lisa Lawless - WOW!!! What an amazing job capturing Jamie and Neal’s big day. Your comments about Jamie, Neal, and their wedding party were right on!! Jamie did make a stunning bride and my son Neal was a handsome groom if I don’t say so myself!!! Job well done Darbi, thanks!!!ReplyCancel

  • Cosha - Wow. Just wow. Beautiful job! Jamie and Neal, you guys are lovely!ReplyCancel

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  • Sue Rees - Darbi! What fabulous pictures! You captured the day perfectly; seemed to have included everyone; and described Jamie as she is. πŸ™‚ Awesome! I LOVE looking at these over and over. :):):)ReplyCancel

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