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{Hitched} Lacey & Wes

I knew going into Lacey’s & Wes’s wedding that I could expect an emotional event, with a very hand-touched feel. But my expectations were surpassed. Here we go with the amazingness that was their wedding day (a shout out to my wonderful travel companion and assistant, Tori Goetsch!) :

Lacey’s friends and fam will attest to the fact that Lacey is QUEEN of “thoughtful.” She was even writing out THANK YOU cards to people she just couldn’t wait to share her appreciation with WHILE the girls were all getting ready.

She also could star in her own show… “DIY BRIDE GONE WILD.” Although she had help, she was the captain of a very lovely “ship” of lace, burlap, luxury papers, ribbons and bows. And let’s not forget the 450 delicious sugar cookies she made with one of her fave cohorts of all time to give away as favors.

Who puts their flower girls in leotards and tutus? This bride does. The three lil’ attendants were darling beyond words and though two of them needed a bit of coaxing down the aisle, they proved to bring delight to anyone who witnessed their mere existence. I wanted to play with them..and wear a tutu. But I had to work. Sniffle.

The wedding was in two small towns. The ceremony in Edina; the reception in La Plata. So the small-town feel was strong.

Before the ceremony, Lacey’s phone rang…and she actually answered it. Everyone gathered around because it wasn’t just any phone call. It was one from the FREAKING VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. Joe. Biden. Called. Lacey. No joke. One of his right-hand men is a family friend of Lacey’s. How cool!!?

During bride and groom portraits, the Wes  not only wooed Lacey, but he also wooed me. I LOVE when my grooms go out of their way to be sweet to the love of their life in front of the camera… it not only provides a natural emotional connection between the two…but it gets me all giddy and inspires me. He always was trying to make things run more smoothly, acquiescing to ANY request that Lacey or I made. Lacey’s got a keeper.

The reception at Silver Rails Event Center, aside from being gorgeous (but I’ll save the descriptions as you can just see the pics for yourself), was a blast. The speeches hit home… sweet, sentimental, touching…and quite funny. Wes even spoke for a few and there wasn’t a woman in the place that wasn’t joining Lacey in staring dreamily at him because he shared the depths of his feelings for his new wife in a way that would make any female envy.  (He was also inspired by the BEST wedding gift I’ve ever seen… Lacey had his “old” Mustang restored and unveiled it the night before!!!) He didn’t shy away from amorous declarations or swoon-worthy compliments. I even teared up. (and went home and demanded that Neil write me a poem. JUST KIDDING!)

Photos as a whole were clearly a priority for them all of their lives. The reception venue was CHOCK FULL of photos…snapshots galore …and LOTS …possibly even ALL…of their engagement photos were displayed in some way! I love to see my couples put photos of all kinds to use beyond Facebook.

On a personal note, although I knew Lacey and her sister going into the wedding, I was still taken aback by how good everyone made me (and Tori, my assistant) feel. I was thanked personally NUMEROUS times for being there… and Lacey’s mom blew me away when she INSISTED that Tori and I sit at HER TABLE at the wedding… That just takes the cake.

Speaking of cake. It was yum yum…and pretty…but.. but…but…Lacey skipped the traditional “groom’s cake” and had Wes’s favorite COLDSTONE CREAMERY flavor provided. See, thoughtful?

It didn’t stop there. Rather than forbade that guests bring kids…they welcomed them with open arms. They kept them busy with the sweets bar and a kids corner with light sticks and coloring books. And of course, the dancefloor. 😉

From the get go, I could FEEL a bond between everyone. Between Lacey and Wes, of course…but also between them and their bridal party and family members. HUGS were so heartfelt and laughs built on one another… from beginning to end. There was a connection. And I fed off of it. As I wrote about on my blog of their engagement session, Lacey’s dad passed away a few years ago. He didn’t miss the wedding though. He was very there…. He was there in the smiles and tears and hugs of the two wonderful men who walked his daughter down the aisle. He was there in glimpses between Lacey and Wes, in hand squeezes with her mom and sister, in silent moments when Lacey looked around to take in their special day. He was there. (Sorry for being sappy here…I just had to note it…because I truly felt it that day.)

Here I thought I wasn’t going to be able to write a lengthy post because I just had my flu shot today and my arm is killing me. But I just got carried away when I revisited everything that I wanted to box up and sprinkle on this blog. I am so thankful that Lacey and I have crossed paths again… and that she trusted me to take such important photos of her and Wes’s special day. Hugs to you both…and all who love you.And that’s A LOT of hugs.

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  • Kellie - What a beautiful day!!!! Congratulations! Great work Darbi!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Courtney - What a fantastic post! thanks for capturing such a special day in such an amazing way!ReplyCancel

  • Leah - Beautiful!! …The couple, the wedding and the pictures!ReplyCancel

  • Elaina - Loved all of the photos! AND Love to you Lacey and Wes! So wish we could have been there, but able to experience it through the pictures!ReplyCancel

  • Darbi's Mom - Beautiful, beautiful! Lacey was a gorgeous bride! Loved all the detail, colors, everything was top notch! The little flower girls are adorable! Darbi, you did a wonderful job of capturing the “moments of blissful love” with this couple. I say Lacey and Wes were “right on” in demanding that you shoot their wedding!ReplyCancel