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{Hitched} Megan & Aaron

Megan & Aaron are no strangers to my blog. I had to split their 2011 engagement session into two separate sessions because at the time of their first (original) session, I was pregnant and nauseated and shooting in 100+ degree temps was quite challenging. See their sessions here & here.  And now, it’s time to blog their wedding. Can I get a “YAYYYY!”????

Thanks to Kristin McCoppin for her assistance on this day!! 🙂

So what all did I love about this wedding? Here we go:

  • Megan & Aaron grew up down the street from one another. So their families are like family to one another, too. (And I learned that day that their moms actually were virtually neighbors, too…but just didn’t know it till later down the road. No pun intended. hahah)
  • Megan & Aaron are truly sweet, fun, kind and compassionate. I have been floored by all of those qualities since I met them at their consultation in May 2011. Megan was so easy to keep in touch with, and even though Aaron was away at an internship in Louisiana, I felt like I stayed in tune with him too by following their long-distant relationship on Facebook and Instagram. And Megan insisted on meeting for lunch before their big day so she could meet the newest love of my life, Weston, in person. Weston was smitten. He loves pretty girls. (He says, “hey there” to ya, Megan! 😉 )
  • The weather for a June wedding was divine. Although it started out with cloudy skies and the threat of rain, by the time I shot their portraits before the reception, there was a beautiful hazy sunshine that came out.
  • Megan & Aaron have amazing friends and family. They are so amazing that they didn’t mind driving to Lawrence, KS for the ceremony at Corpus Christi and then driving back to Kansas City for a reception at Loose Mansion.  (The church was absolutely beautiful, btw. Wonderful lighting and a nice modern look, without going too contemporary for a Catholic feel.)
  • Tears were not held back. People were very open with their emotions…laughter, love, bittersweet crying. It wasn’t a small wedding but it felt so intimate.
  • I talked for awhile with Megan’s mom after the ceremony, and she was so appreciative and so kind. And her devotion to her daughters was so apparent. I love seeing that in parents, especially now that I am one myself.
  • I left for the reception when Megan & Aaron did. They were being chauffeured by a trusty usher, and when I passed them on the highway, I looked over, expecting maybe a wave…but not, instead I got something I wish I’d have been able to get a picture of (I can’t shoot and drive!!!)… Megan had her face pressed up to the window glass, making a hilarious, unbride-like face. I laughed out loud…and the last part of the ride back I found myself smiling over and over thinking about it. Goofy is good. 😉
  • During the bride and groom’s speech at the reception, when it’s typically a time to express gratitude for friends and family who have supported them and who showed up for their grand event, Megan and Aaron dropped my jaw. They took the time to thank ME…in front of all their guests. I just about cried. It meant soooo much, Megan and Aaron. I almost grabbed the microphone and returned the gushing of why you two are so awesome. But something tells me that just would have been going too far. hahaha
  • I loved that they had a loaded mashed potato bar. Sweet potatoes were an option, too. How fun is that?
  • The DJ corralled the wedding party to sing the Jayhawk fight song or whatever it was. I’m an MU Tiger. So it was very foreign to me. BUT… I have to note, I enjoyed watching everyone come together for the chant. EVen though my stripes were not exactly thrilled. hahahhaa (Just kidding…I love my Jayhawk brides & grooms!!)
  • The picked their first dance song because it has meaning in the lyrics. And I knew it well enough to sing along while I was shooting. “It’s Your Love” by the dashing husband-wife duo of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. Megan chose it  because their life has been spent growing up together; and hearing the man and woman parts resonates because they truly believe marriage is as partnership and about romancing one another through the obstacles.

So with that, please enjoy these images that tell their wedding day story. And Mr & Mrs W… while you make a temporary home in Pennsylvania, I am so happy that you’re never going to have to live apart again. 😉 Hugs times 10!!!


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  • Megan - Darbi — tears of joy overcome me when I see photos from our special day. You mean so much to Aaron and I. We’re one lucky couple! Thank you will never be enough.ReplyCancel

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  • Aaron - Darbi, words can not describe the great memories that come flowing back when I look at these pictures. We had such an amazing day, and it was only made better by having an amazing photographer like yourself. These pictures are better than I could have imagined, you have a special gift.ReplyCancel

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  • Sarah Bendure - WOW!!! I knew they would be good (after the engagement pics that was never a question), but MY GOSH they are spectacular. I love how you capture the personality of each person…I must say I cried like I did at the wedding looking at these. THAT is an awesome thing, when you can really relive the memory through the photos to that extent! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have done our entire family such a service. Take care and congratulations on the birth of your son 🙂 –Brent and Sarah Bendure (Megan’s aunt and uncle and Will-the-dancing-machine-ring-bearer’s parents 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Martha - Megan your dress is great! I’m wearing the same dress next year for my wedding 🙂 So exciting to see it in photos on such a happy bride!ReplyCancel

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    Cheers to a beautiful Bride, Groom, family and friends and of course Darbi!!ReplyCancel

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