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{Hitched} Overland Park wedding of Ginny & Ben

Keeping up with blogging is every busy photographer’s nemesis. No matter how hard I try, it seems there is always a ton more shoots to post. This is a wedding from last fall, and one that still today makes me smile. Ali and I arrived at the home in Overland Park, Kansas,  where the bride, Ginny, grew up. She kept her prep team small and intimate…her best friend and her mom. We felt like we were part of the family as we witnessed the many moments filled with the most jolly of laughter, and then ones when emotions were truly palpable.

Here dress was lovely beyond belief. Intricate details. A vintage flair. And straps. Always a fan of straps, I am. We saw Ginny open this little bottle you see in the right photo, sniff it, and then dab a bit of the liquid on her wrists and neck. I was intrigued for it didn’t look like just any perfume bottle. That’s because it isn’t just any perfume. Ben had it specially made for the love of his life…. it’s a perfume that smells like old books. And it really did!

Kansas_City_wedding-001Kansas_City_wedding-002The veil was one of my favorite elements, because according to Ginny’s mom… Ginny was very particular about the type of veil she wanted. Such a perfect pick!!!Kansas_City_wedding-003Ginny is the only daughter of three children; and just being around her and her parents for a few minutes..one thing was clear: they cherish her so. And I could have shot their looks and hugs and hand clasping all day! Nothing was forced or fake or staged. They were just that loving!
Kansas_City_wedding-004My favorite FIRST GLANCE with a bride’s dad from this year… pure joy, right?

From one First Glance to the next… do you see how Ginny might quite possibly be the world’s most beautiful crier? Gosh. I’m jealous. 🙂Kansas_City_wedding-019

I love this moment. Ben is a quiet guy. But man, he doesn’t need to say anything to feel how much he adores the one he’ll spend the rest of his life with. Kansas_City_wedding-020

Kansas_City_wedding-021Her eyes. They steal the show. Sorry, Ben! 😉Kansas_City_wedding-022And meet Dottie & Michael. Siblings who truly won me over. A) they are so cute. B) they cooperated. SCORE on all fronts!!!Kansas_City_wedding-008Such bright, vibrant colors!!! They wanted “tardis” blue… hmmmm… yeah…I had no idea what that meant until Ginny & Ben. haha Doctor Who showed up a few times throughout the day. 😉 Kansas_City_wedding-009Kansas_City_wedding-010DarbiGPhotography-110814-2-165Church of the Ascension in Overland Park is on my list of favorite churches for ceremonies… the lighting! It’s just great. And the lobby is perfect too so if it’s too cold or hot outside, you can do family formals right there!
The downtime before the ceremony… and check out Ginny’s shoes. Kansas_City_wedding-012What’s that? Doctor Who strikes again!!!

I will never forget how into one another these two were. I mean, yes…brides and grooms love one another. A lot. Hence the whole “getting married” thing. But Ginny & Ben were in their own lil’ world, wherever they went. It was really special to witness moments like this. Kansas_City_wedding-023Beautiful beautiful…oh, and beautiful. Kansas_City_wedding-024I can’t get over her eyes. and the way Ben ‘s touch was always so gentle and loving. You can’t see the motion in the pic, but he just automatically would stroke her skin… Ginny is a lucky lady. 😉Kansas_City_wedding-025Kansas_City_wedding-026And more of the bold color palette… the wedding reception venue was the Camelot Ballroom in Olathe. {This was my first wedding there, but Neil and I took dance lessons there when we first moved to KC. Let’s just say… we haven’t danced like that since! hahaha}Kansas_City_wedding-027So if you can’t tell by now…Ginny & Ben are huge Doctor Who fans. I admittedly know nothing of the show other than it is one of the few that I don’t watch. (Only because I have never been able to get into the sci-fi/surreal genre). But the novelty of the cake and other elements is not lost on me! I love personal touches like this. (And I love chocolate frosting. haha)Kansas_City_wedding-028Kansas_City_wedding-029Kansas_City_wedding-030Kansas_City_wedding-031Kansas_City_wedding-032Kansas_City_wedding-033Kansas_City_wedding-034Please note that the blouse I’m wearing below matches their wedding PERFECTLY! haha I just knew that they were doing blue, so I did try to match that. But tardis blue! and coral!! WHOA! How very “time lord” of me. Kansas_City_wedding-035

Anyway… Ginny & Ben (and family!!!)—thank you so very much for such a memorable day. If your wedding is any indication, your marriage will surely be one that is full of quirks, raw jow, pure love and yummy smelling books! xoxoxoxoxoxo

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