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Kansas City wedding photography: Sarah & Kyle PART 1

ou know, it’s a good thing that as a photographer who is also a huge Mizzou (and Husker!!) fan, I do not discriminate. Because if I did, I would have missed out on this beautiful wedding of two beautiful Jayhawk fans. (Yes, it IS possible. haha)

My dear friend Cara referred Sarah & Kyle my way. If their engagement session last December had been any indication, I was expecting a day of laughter, classic beauty and lots of fun. They didn’t disappoint. 🙂

(And because I got a lil’ carried away, I’m going to break it into two diff posts. Sorry.)
DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-sarahkyle-101DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-sarahkyle-100DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-sarahkyle-105

As you can see with the pic on the right…the late April date was slightly marred with late April showers.
DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-sarahkyle-102DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-sarahkyle-103

DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-sarahkyle-104

I think what stands out about Sarah & Kyle, as a couple, and as individuals…is their undeniable sense of friendship together. They are incredibly genuine. And they are one another’s other half. When I saw this text that Kyle had sent Sarah the early morning of the wedding, I was charmed times ten, but not surprised. (and disregard Kyle’s feelings about FedEx.)

DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-sarahkyle-108

Naturally after I saw the text, everyone was gushing. 😉
DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-sarahkyle-109

DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-sarahkyle-110DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-sarahkyle-111

DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-sarahkyle-112

Gosh, I have no idea why she’s so excited. Could it be that she looks FLIPPING BEAUTIFUL!!!!
DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-sarahkyle-113

DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-sarahkyle-115DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-sarahkyle-116

Sarah surrounds herself in life with strong, beautiful, loving women. And I loved how often I would catch pics of these same women adoring her adorableness.

DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-sarahkyle-117DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-sarahkyle-118

DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-sarahkyle-119

Courtney Tompson once again was my right-hand woman. These boys were covered by her awesomeness.

This here be Kyle. The groom!
DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-sarahkyle-120DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-sarahkyle-121
DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-sarahkyle-122DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-sarahkyle-123

Sarah & Kyle opted for the first glance. BUT…check out Sarah’s expression that Courtney caught. This was Sarah’s first glance of ME when she got down to where we were going to meet Kyle. haha I think she was really just shocked to see my hair so frizzy…since remember…it was a rainy day.

DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-sarahkyle-124

DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-sarahkyle-125

DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-sarahkyle-126DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-sarahkyle-127

Earlier that day when Sarah was a bit nervous, she had whispered to me that she’ll feel better when she sees Kyle. She said, “He calms me.” And that he does.
DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-sarahkyle-128

Apparently, he also licks her. (caught by CT)
(*note…he was tasting a nicely flavored lotion that Sarah’s makeup artist rubbed on her arms…I hear it was yummy. I thought it’d be too weird if I tried it myself.)

DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-sarahkyle-129

DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-sarahkyle-131DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-sarahkyle-132

DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-sarahkyle-133DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-sarahkyle-134

Court’s view on the left. Mine on the right. I LOVED Courtney’s capture!

DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-sarahkyle-136DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-sarahkyle-135

Moving right along…
DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-sarahkyle-137DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-sarahkyle-138
DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-sarahkyle-142DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-sarahkyle-140

What was so funny? Well, let me tell you. Because I was laughing my own butt off. They were married by Sarah’s brother-in-law, Jason… he was awesome. And then he asked Kyle if he would take Sarah as his lawfully wedded wife. Kyle said yes. Then Sarah was asked if she would take Kyle as her lawfully wedded wife. So we all had a good laugh.

DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-sarahkyle-141

BUT get this. After all the laughter died down, Jason tried again. And made the SAME BLUNDER!!!

DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-sarahkyle-143DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-sarahkyle-144

They did seal the deal with a kiss…but I liked the hug. 😉
DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-sarahkyle-145

and I’ll end this first post with a photo of them so excited after they left the ceremony…because this is probably the most common interaction I saw between the two. 🙂

DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-sarahkyle-147

Stay tuned for Post II later this week or weekend. 😉

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    My favorites of yours are the first glances. Fabulous 😀ReplyCancel

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  • Jennifer - Darbi, you are so talented! Sarah is gorgeous and they are such a fun couple – you captured them beautifully!ReplyCancel

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