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Lindsay & Parker: perfect weather, perfect wedding, perfect couple

Surprising though it may seem, despite the fact that I live in Columbia, Mo., I have not had a wedding take place within the CoMo boundaries until this past weekend. Crazy, eh? I couldn’t have asked for a better couple than Lindsay & Parker to be my first hometown wedding.

If you can judge a bride by whom she chooses for her maid/matron of honor, then I knew Lindsay was going to be a fun, sweet bride with a head on her shoulders and a solid idea of what she was envisioning for her day. I say this because I was not found by Lindsay herself, but her ever-so-helpful wedding-planning MOH, Alaina. THANK YOU, Alaina… 😉

And now, on to the wedding.

My second shooter for the event was the trusted Ashley Clarke.
The weather could NOT have been any more perfect. Seriously. Check out the blue skies…it was in the upper 60s/lower 70s all day… sooooo flipping perfect. The crew got ready where the ceremony was to take place…at the First Christian Church in downtown Columbia.
Darbi G Photography-wedding-pl-_MG_1839-Edit
Creamy ruffles galore!!!

Darbi G Photography-wedding-pl-_MG_2127-EditDarbi G Photography-wedding-pl-_MG_1925-bw

Darbi G Photography-wedding-pl-_MG_1860-Edit
Lindsay was quite proud of her killer shoes. So elegant…and glamorous.
Darbi G Photography-wedding-pl-_MG_1955-Edit
Darbi G Photography-wedding-pl-_MG_1968-vin
The wonderful bouquets were put together by Lindsay’s sister, Haley.
Darbi G Photography-wedding-pl-_MG_2051-Edit

It’s really hard to photograph a subject when the walls are mirrors…and not be seen…so this one..Sorry, Lindsay…I’m right there with you…but you’re in the limelight, you lovely thing!
Darbi G Photography-wedding-pl-_MG_2250-Edit Darbi G Photography-wedding-pl-_MG_2299-Edit
And onto a groom. Also reading a card from his bride…
Darbi G Photography-wedding-pl-_MG_2120-Edit
Darbi G Photography-wedding-pl-_MG_2157-EditDarbi G Photography-wedding-pl-_MG_2160-Edit
Darbi G Photography-wedding-pl-_MG_2176-Edit
Ashley stayed with the boyzzz…
Darbi G Photography-wedding-pl-LP-29-Edit
Lindsay and Parker opted to see each other before the ceremony…which enabled us to do SOOOO many more fun pictures of the group and just the lovebirds. But before all that, we did a “first glance”…
Ashley’s view…

Darbi G Photography-wedding-pl-LP-34-Edit

And mine…

Darbi G Photography-wedding-pl-_MG_2392-Edit

CHECK out her Beauty-ness. 😉 And his… ?

Darbi G Photography-wedding-pl-_MG_2421-bw Darbi G Photography-wedding-pl-_MG_2447-Edit

Ashley caught this one of me…
Darbi G Photography-wedding-pl-LP-48-Edit
The church had a wonderful red door… This is one of my faves…
Darbi G Photography-wedding-pl-_MG_2518-fg
Oh wait…maybe this is a fave… ?
Darbi G Photography-wedding-pl-_MG_2558-vin
How’s THIS for drama? 😉

Darbi G Photography-wedding-pl-_MG_2577-vinDarbi G Photography-wedding-pl-_MG_2622-Edit

Good golly, she’s stunning…
Darbi G Photography-wedding-pl-_MG_2593-Edit

When beautiful colors are present…this shot is ALWAYS a classic…
Darbi G Photography-wedding-pl-_MG_2668-Edit

Darbi G Photography-wedding-pl-_MG_2743-vin

Darbi G Photography-wedding-pl-_MG_2761-Edit
Gotta love the veil. And the wind. And the lovely bride.
Darbi G Photography-wedding-pl-_MG_2789-Edit

And the groom!

Darbi G Photography-wedding-pl-_MG_2798

Always patient…
Darbi G Photography-wedding-pl-_MG_2806

The hotness that is Lindsay & Parker’s wedding party…

Darbi G Photography-wedding-pl-_MG_2847-Edit

Darbi G Photography-wedding-pl-_MG_2900-Edit
Darbi G Photography-wedding-pl-_MG_2971-Edit

This man witnessed the entire day…he didn’t budge from his perch…and actually, he’s there every day in the spring…
Darbi G Photography-wedding-pl-_MG_3012-Edit

Tell me her father isn’t the most mysterious and alluring figure here…but he can be tender, too..as seen moments before he walked his daughter down the aisle.

Darbi G Photography-wedding-pl-AAA18-EditDarbi G Photography-wedding-pl-_MG_3248-Edit

I love this next image because the two ushers are her brothers…so the other three important men in her life are there when she enters the next chapter.
Darbi G Photography-wedding-pl-AAA38-Edit

Darbi G Photography-wedding-pl-_MG_3275-Edit

Darbi G Photography-wedding-pl-_MG_3262-EditDarbi G Photography-wedding-pl-_MG_3357-Edit

Some friends threw down petals as they walked back down the aisle, this time as husband and wife!
Darbi G Photography-wedding-pl-_MG_3385-Edit
Darbi G Photography-wedding-pl-_MG_3405-Edit

The reception took place at Alpine Gardens… a glorious venue…so natural, earthy and verdant this time of year.
Ashley caught one of my favorite images of the day.
Darbi G Photography-wedding-pl-LP-136-Edit
Darbi G Photography-wedding-pl-_MG_3444-Edit

Darbi G Photography-wedding-pl-_MG_3471-Edit

Darbi G Photography-wedding-pl-_MG_3507-Edit
Darbi G Photography-wedding-pl-_MG_3533-Edit

Darbi G Photography-wedding-pl-_MG_3579-gold

Darbi G Photography-wedding-pl-_MG_3742Darbi G Photography-wedding-pl-_MG_3625-Edit

Alaina gave a darling speech..about ironing jeans and pom-pom hair…but I swear, it all related! ?
Darbi G Photography-wedding-pl-_MG_3814

Darbi G Photography-wedding-pl-_MG_3897

Darbi G Photography-wedding-pl-_MG_4017

Lindsay & Parker, thank you so much for such a fun day…and for being so organized and laid-back. Ashley and I had so much fun!!! I wish you both the best in Lincoln, Nebraska…and I DO hope that when you have adorable babies, that I CAN capture your adorable family!!! Take care!

DJ/Band: Jim Logan Audio

Church/officiant: First Christian Church, Rev. Amy Kay Pavlovich

Reception venue coordinator: Alpine Gardens, Barry Homan

Florist: Haley, bride’s sister

Baker: The Cake Lady ~ Diana Pauly

Caterer: Bambino’s

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  • Anonymous - Darbi, you did such a wonderful job! These are just amazing! Thanks so much for documenting Lindsay’s day.


  • Photography by Lara - Darbi, wow!! I kept thinking I found my favorite, only to get to the next and like it just as much. Everything was absolute perfection and you did an amazing job. WOW!ReplyCancel

  • Nikole Bordato - Wow – these are seriously amazing. And that red door was very, very cool.ReplyCancel

  • Jody - Ohh my gosh Darbi I am blown aWay! I happened upon your blog looking for inspiration in my quest to become a wedding photojournalist! Your style is just incredible. I was ooohing and ahhing at every photo! I wondered if you would share what lens you love using the most with your work.
    I also use Canon =)ReplyCancel

  • Darbi G. Photography - Jody,
    Thank you sooo much for such kind words!!
    In answer to your lens question…

    I’d say the three most-used lenses are the f/2.8 16-35… for scene-setting shots and some all-purpose coverage…the 50 1.2 is a gem for low lighting and portraits.
    And then I do put on the 70-200 for ceremonies. It’s so heavy, so I don’t typically use it a bunch unless needed.

    This info is also on:
    http://blog.darbig.com/2008/10/frequently-asked-questionsabout-moi.html just in case you want to see what all is in my bag. 🙂

    Happy week!ReplyCancel

  • erica turner - These images are beautiful. Love the colors and all of the emotion you captured. You have a great eye! 🙂ReplyCancel