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{Hitched} McKenzie & Matt (Lake of the Ozarks)

Good golly. What is not to love about this wedding? Pretty much nothing. McKenzie & Matt kicked off their relationship over a decade ago!! Though it started as just friends and eventually roommates. I always say, one of the secrets to a happy marriage is finding the BEST roommate you can (and being attracted to said roommate, too. ha). Well, let’s just say… living together didn’t sway their friendship, though they did go their separate ways after graduating (from Mizzou! FINALLY some TIgers on the blog!!) But, in their words, after they reunited in 2007 in St. Louis: It didn’t take long for us to realize all our years of friendship laid a solid foundation for a pretty awesome relationship.

So now, 5 years later, and they are still chummy chums with a high dose of chemistry. They have fun, creative jobs (Matt’s a copywriter in the ad industry–he’s on the NASCAR campaign, how cool!) and McK works at a different advertising agency as an account exec. Needless to say, I was expecting a creative wedding. And a creative wedding is what I got. What’s to love about their getting-hitched affair?

  • McKenzie and I used to work at Ruby Tuesday together back in Columbia, Mo. So we go way back. And we’ve been witness to lots of drama together…the kind of drama that can only be unleashed at a restaurant in a college town. 😉
  • McK & Matt are two of THE most sarcastic, witty people I know. McK has always been very blunt, but expects the same honesty. So being around her on her big day was a treat. There wasn’t a whole lot of wishy-washy compliments. The verbal praise was more crass, more entertaining and just as truthful. I giggled through out the day.
  • McK’s & Matt’s family was so much fun and GREAT sports. I mean, it was a HOT HOT HOT day…on the Lake of the Ozarks, yet all of them were as chipper and vibrant as box of crayons….before they melt. ha
  • Naturally, a bride and groom with such dynamic and playful personalities attract a cast of friends who can keep up with witty, high brow banter. They are that group of friends who is so funny and has such a way with words, that they can often be found quoting themselves or each other. I always thought they were quoting a movie I’d never seen with what sounded like clever screenwriting. But nope…it’s reality for them, folks.
  • The venue… Edgewater Estate…was glorious in a refreshing way. McK and her crew were quite fond of it, despite what she admits was rather 80s decor. Think: WEEKEND AT BERNIES. (Spot the white and black metallic jungle wallpaper below for a feel…) I couldn’t’ get enough of it and found it inspiring. The place was full of nooks and crannies. I got lost a few times. And who doesn’t love getting lost… in a house?!
  • They designed all the tangibles themselves. I always tell McK…she could quit her day job… and design invitations and such. Because she’s THAT good.
  • There were lots of personal touches throughout the day. Including a cameo by their furry, hilariously monikered friend, Ulysses S. Dog.
  • Their vows were heartfelt…and boats honked on and off during the readings…and the bride threw a few fist pumps and “woo hoos” out there.
  • Everyone was sweating. Let’s be honest. They were on a roof for a late-June ceremony, under full sun. But the mood wasn’t dented. People were genuinely happy to see these two crazy cats seal the deal.
  • The bridesmaid dresses were from the Gap, and they were jaw-dropping cool. The ties were fun, like a bag of Starburst. McK’s dress was a touch of woman, a touch of girl, and a lot of awesome.
  • I could probably make a good portion of this post pics of people being goofy.
  • The day exuded the adjectives that they use to describe one another: social, witty, spontaneous, silly, passionate and relaxed. So…mission accomplished. 😉


M&M… Mallory (who was my fabulous sidekick for the day!!!) and I had so much fun capturing these images for you. Thank you…as a friend, as your photographer, I wish you a future worthy of cherishing. xoxo


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  • Paige - I absolutely adore every single one of these pictures. So much fun. Perfectly shot. LOVE!!!! Honored to have been a guest!! Much love to the photog and the happy couple. XoxoxoReplyCancel

  • Cindy - I think this is my fav wedding you’ve done so far! it looks down right FUN! and I love all the personal touches & pics of the happy couple & family…you truly captured THEM~~I feel like I was there! great job! happy life to the couple! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Ali - Gorgeous. You captured everything that they are together. And I promise, the hanger is on the way…ReplyCancel

  • Abby - This wedding is so beautiful. Your pictures captured so much amazing things and emotions. I’m so jealous I didn’t think of a lake wedding! So neat! Great job Darbi.ReplyCancel

  • Pat Gibson - What a beautiful wedding! The bride and groom are so cute together! The colors are fabulous, and love the venue! Amazing job as usual Darbi! You would never know it was hot – everyone looked so good.ReplyCancel

  • Rachael hughes - Darbi. You dud such a fantastic job! The pictures are gorgeous. Thanks for capuring everything so perfectly for sister’s big day!!ReplyCancel

  • Kristen Basala - Love. Love. Love!!! So amazing! This wedding was one for the books. Such an amazing weekend with such awesome people. Love you Matt & McKenzie!ReplyCancel

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