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Part II of a family weekend: Warren & Jana’s Wedding in Aurora, Nebraska

What a full week it has been! I tell you, working 8 to 5, then coming home and working more all while having A COLD!!! It can be exhausting! So want to see the fruits of my efforts thus far? It’s the wedding teasers for my dear cousin, Warren, and his beautiful bride, Jana! Remember them?

This was my last 2008 wedding! It’s been a wonderful year, and it was so fitting to cap it off with one in my own family.

The wedding took place in Jana’s neck of the woods…Aurora, Nebraska. I was honored to be their photographer and thankful to have my sister, Temple, who is 3 months pregnant, along to be my assistant. THANKS, TEMP!! (this is the 2nd wedding that my unborn neice/nephew has been to. We’re starting her/him EARLY!!!)

Ok…so I am a bit biased with these flowers because in all honesty, the bridesmaid bouquets are nearly exactly what I had wanted for MY own wedding…(but MY florist made them a bit too purple…not pink)… Her florist got them right. Aren’t they stunning?
01Darbi G Photography wedding photographer missouri-flowers
And the rings…I had some fun around the church with these bad boys…(or should they be girls?)
03DarbiG Photography wedding photographer missouri-rings

And the bride…in the early stages of getting ready. Her pal/personal attendant did the hair.

04DarbiG Photography wedding photographer missouri-di-hair

Warren called me over when he was putting on his shoes. I think he practiced, because isn’t he sooo good at tying them for the camera? hah
02DarbiG Photography wedding photographer missouri-shoe
I took these next two shots nearly back to back. Jana was so darling and animated talking with one of her bridesmaids…
05Darbi G Photography wedding photographer missouri-di-bride

And her getting into her gown… look at all the smiling beautiful women!!

06DarbiG Photography wedding photographer missouri-di-dress

Warren attempted to help his father with the boutonniere. This was right before his cry for help.
Because the ceremony was at 4:30, Warren and Jana knew that it’d be dark afterwards, so they opted to do the First Glance BEFORE it all, so we’d have plenty of time for pictures. I highly recommend brides and grooms doing it this way.

It was so cute!! Here are two moments from that part.

08Darbi G Photography wedding photographer missouri-di-firstglance1

09Darbi G Photography wedding photographer missouri-glimpsecute
It was so blasted cold that day! We ran everywhere while we were doing pictures so we could get them over with and get somewhere that didn’t entail us chattering and shivering. The bride and groom did not let their attire slow them down. I love this next image.
16Darbi G Photography wedding photographer missouri-run
That is the Aurora courthouse behind the wedding party. Such a wonderful backdrop!

17Darbi G Photography wedding photographer missouri-partyts

DARLING!!! yes?

18Darbi G Photography wedding photographer missouri-di-bg1

Some more fun in the cold with the ones they hold dearest!SUCH a good-looking wedding party.
19Darbi G Photography wedding photographer missouri-groupcollage
FAVE picture of this bunch so far!!! FAVE FAVE FAVE! How hot are they? Yes, I know he’s my cousin..but the two together exude such a warm chemistry.

20Darbi G Photography wedding photographer missouri-almostkiss

More cuteness..
21Darbi G Photography wedding photographer missouri-bride-groom-collage

The we hustled back to the ceremony! Thankful to be warm again!!!
10Darbi G Photography wedding photographer missouri-aislewalk

11Darbi G Photography wedding photographer missouri-churchaisle

Just a reminder of the true matchmaker of love…
12Darbi G Photography wedding photographer missouri-jesus
They were not above pranks though…this one brought to you by Jana’s brother, one of the groomsmen.
13Darbi G Photography wedding photographer missouri-sos

14Darbi G Photography wedding photographer missouri-bcry


15Darbi G Photography wedding photographer missouri-kisschurch

Ceremony done…party time. They had converted the Farr building of the Aurora Fairgrounds into a winter wonderland. I LOVED IT! (and the pic in the upper left is her sister’s speech, all ready to go…)
22Darbi G Photography wedding photographer missouri-receptiondeets

My favorite first dance photo so far EVER!!

23Darbi G Photography wedding photographer missouri-dance

The cakes. So yummy!! And remember, Warren is a man of the law.
24Darbi G Photography wedding photographer missouri-cake
25Darbi G Photography wedding photographer missouri-cakecut

Jana and all her sorority sisters participated in what I guess to be a tradition… I can’t begin to tell you the words of their vociferous chant, but the imagery was to die for.
26Darbi G Photography wedding photographer missouri-chug

27Darbi G Photography wedding photographer missouri-cirlcedance

The dance was definitely energetic. And Warren and Jana got down in dirty…”taking care of business” with the rest of their guests. How fun!
29Darbi G Photography wedding photographer missouri-floordance

There you have it. My final 2008 wedding!!! Thank you once again, Warren & Jana. Your families were so much fun (ahem…me included, right? haha) and the day was magical. I hope you both had the time of your lives…and I wish you the best! LOVE YOU!!

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  • Ruthie Gibson - Wow Darbi! Those photos are amazing, I can’t wait to see more! You truly are a great photographer and our family is blessed to have these precious moments captured so well. I hope you can take my wedding photos in the future, don’t worry it will be a couple of years so you’ll have a nice break from us. I don’t know if you remember, but you and I took a photo together at the reception, I hope it turned out because that would be nice to have. It was great seeing you and Temple.ReplyCancel

  • clary5four - ***applause***Isn’t the last wedding bittersweet?! Love the group shots you got, especially the guys with all the red brickwork. Question…Jana looks like someone famous but I can’t put my finger on it. At first I thought maybe it’s just because I’ve seen her before with the engagement pictures and all. Nope she defiantly reminds me of a starlet.ReplyCancel

  • Marco - Great pj stuff here! You’ve got a lot of really good shots. I’m sure they loved them.ReplyCancel