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Ursula & Phil bring pink & unique to Caldwell & Livingston County

Ursula described her wedding to me a few weeks before the wedding. She said her theme was: Big & Pink. I think you’ll agree that she met, if not exceeded, my and Courtney Tompson’s expectations. There were a few firsts for me along the way.

The day started out in Breckenridge, MO. (The town sign boasted a population of 454!!!)

I got there while the ladies were getting ready. Ursula decided to pass on the book she read that enabled her to snare the man of HER dreams.

DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-Ursula&Phil-101

And then it was time for Ursula to surveying her blooms. She was giddy like a little girl, saying, “I wanted obnoxious! I got it!”
DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-Ursula&Phil-100

And pink? I think she got that too.
DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-Ursula&Phil-103DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-Ursula&Phil-105DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-Ursula&Phil-108

DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-Ursula&Phil-102

Yep, that is right. Ursula went for the gold…or should I say…bubble gum pink…and brought the big & pink theme to her dress!!! High five for originality!!!

Another medal had to be awarded for largest bridal bouquet I’ve ever shot. 
DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-Ursula&Phil-106DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-Ursula&Phil-107

DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-Ursula&Phil-104

DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-Ursula&Phil-110DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-Ursula&Phil-109

The bridal party and bride came out to Madonna’s “Like a Prayer”…and Ursula’s mom gave her away. and check out the outfit! Inspired by Rocky Horror Picture show. 

DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-Ursula&Phil-111

DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-Ursula&Phil-115

DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-Ursula&Phil-112DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-Ursula&Phil-113

 Another record for Darbi G. Photography. Courtney’s pic shows it best…the biggest bridal party in the smallest church. (9 bridesmaids and groomsmen)
DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-Ursula&Phil-114

Despite the dreadful…and I mean, DREADFUL heat and humidity (I think it reached sauna-like conditions, no lie)… we headed outdoors for some pics.
DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-Ursula&Phil-116DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-Ursula&Phil-117

The 9 bridesmaids were all lovely. And sparkly! Love the black and dark pink!
DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-Ursula&Phil-118DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-Ursula&Phil-119

I challenged them to all fit on the merry-go-round. They did it!
DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-Ursula&Phil-120

Love this groomsmen shot! King Phil atop the playground monkey bars. I’m sure there is a joke there somewhere.. ;)And Phil with his best man (his brother Parker (who was a former groom who married one of the bridesmaids last May!!)
DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-Ursula&Phil-121DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-Ursula&Phil-122

Before the bride and groom melted away, we got a few portraits in about 7 minutes. 
DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-Ursula&Phil-123DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-Ursula&Phil-124

DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-Ursula&Phil-125

This photo feels so warm. (And not in the “I’m sweating out of ever orifice” way, either!! haha)

DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-Ursula&Phil-126

And off to their reception in Chillicothe!
DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-Ursula&Phil-127

Check out the audience watching their first dance! All these young girls dreaming of the day they can wear a white pink dress!!!
DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-Ursula&Phil-128

Tallest cake I’ve shot. Ursula told me she wanted it higher, but the baker said it would topple over. 
DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-Ursula&Phil-129DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-Ursula&Phil-130

The kids were cracking me up on the dancefloor.He was not the one who caught the garter…but somehow ended up with it. In his mouth.
DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-Ursula&Phil-131DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-Ursula&Phil-132

And the Bieber generation floors me. I don’t remember ever being that crazy about a band/singer. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I had a thing for the New Kids, but we didn’t go absolutely berserk at weddings when The Right Stuff came on. This is the dichotomy between the genders that exists when Justin Bieber is “in the house”…. 
DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-Ursula&Phil-133DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-Ursula&Phil-134

Out came URsula’s mom is something a bit more comfy. And she was ready for a good time!
DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-Ursula&Phil-135

And of course…a pic of me with the bride and groom. As well as Lindsay & Parker!! Another reunion. I LOVE when that happens. 
DarbiGPhotography-kansas city wedding photographer-Ursula&Phil-136

Ursula & Phil, your wedding tickled me pink. haha Sorry for the pun, but it did. Thanks so much for everything. Wishing you the best!!! xoxo

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