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Baby photography: Eleanor is now six months old!!!

You surely remember baby Eleanor from just a month ago when I did her family photos before the holidays. And before that, we had her newborn photos. Yeah, well she’s still that cute, if not cuter even… at SIX MONTHS!!!
Here are some of my faves…

We had to get her ready first…so on went ADORABLE shoes!!
Darbi G Photography-baby photographer-100
Darbi G Photography-baby photographer-101

This gives Baby Mozart a whole new meaning.
Darbi G Photography-baby photographer-108

I think she spies a camera!
Darbi g Photography-baby photographer-102a

And let’s just remind everyone that their baby room…is my favorite baby room ever because of the aqua color! And I recommend that every parent put their child’s name on the wall. I bet they’ll end up spelling it correctly a lot sooner!
Darbi G Photography-baby photographer-103

Darbi G Photography-baby photographer-300

Want to know why her parents look so darn happy?
Darbi G Photography-baby photographer-105

Darbi G Photography-baby photographer-104

Apparently it tasted really good…she might have to go on a crib diet though. haha
Darbi G Photography-baby photographer-107

The blanket, which is another gift from her godfather, made an appearance. And how cute is this family photo???
Darbi G Photography-baby photographer-109

Daddy and his lil’ daughter. Sigh.
Darbi G Photography-baby photographer-160

And Mommy with her, too.
Darbi G Photography-baby photographer-112

Check out her outfit as a whole. DARLING!!!
Darbi G Photography-baby photographer-301

We then got all bundled up to enjoy the “warm” 40-degree day. The wind was cutting though…
Darbi G Photography-baby photographer-113

I spiced up a favorite with some texture-roni. 🙂
Darbi G Photography-baby photographer-114

What’s that? you can’t tell what Eleanor is wearing from that far away? How’s this???
Darbi G Photography-baby photographer-117

Come in really close…get warm!
Darbi G Photography-baby photographer-115

We put her in the grass…and she just laid there. Not moving. Not upset. Not necessarily happy. But she’d have cried if she were miserable. RIGHT? haha So glad we did it though, cuz this makes me laugh.

Darbi G Photography-baby photographer-306

I didn’t even notice that that the bear-themed coat had such darling feet!

Darbi G Photography-baby photographer-307

Even at a young age, Eleanor did not want to watch her parents be romantic together. haha
Darbi G Photography-baby photographer-116

And check out her face as her parents turned their lips on her! Giggle-worthy, no?
Darbi G Photography-baby photographer-118

Alright, there you have it… a third session with Eleanor! And just think, I’ll be back to do her one-year photos next July. I have a feeling that bear coat will not be needed.

THANKS, S Family!

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  • Holly - Darbi, this is one of my favorite shoots of yours yet. I’ve subscribed for a while via SWPB and thought I’d drop you a comment since I know my fellow photogs love comments! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • kms - As always, you did an amazing job Darbi! I love the bright colors of the indoor shots, and the outside shots are spectacular. I’m so happy that we braved the cold! We can’t wait until July!ReplyCancel

  • Erika Jackson - These are awesome!! I love 104!!ReplyCancel

  • clary5four - I love watching little ones grow up…this family will treasure you pictures so much!! And how cute is that bear coat?!ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Darbi – Once again, you captured our little Eleanor! Can’t wait to get my pictures from this session. Can’t believe she is six months already. The best to you Eleanor’s GrammyReplyCancel

  • Amy Neeson - What a deliciously cute baby!! Gorgeous photos there darl!! Amy.ReplyCancel

  • andrea - oh my gosh! what a super fun session — she is just adorable!!ReplyCancel

  • Kate - Darbi, your colors are so amazing. What a fantastic set of photos! Congratulations on being booked through the end of the summer- that must feel incredible.ReplyCancel