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Etsy is the besty….

Many brides already know about this. But those who don’t… I can’t express enough how cool Etsy.com is. CHECK IT OUT!! There are sooo many awesome things for sale by crafty and artsy people around the world.

I discovered the site AFTER I’d been wedding planning, so my infatuation has been based mostly on my findings for some small personal touches to add to my life.

Several months ago, I ordered a gadget bag from BorsaBella in which I put my cell phone…then I clip it to my purse…so gone are the days of fishing around for what is ringing. 🙂

Recently, I fell for a super cute business card holder…in colors I love!! Check it out….made by
the Cherry Stem.

etsyDarbi G Photography-wedding lifestyle photographer-005

etsyDarbi G Photography-wedding lifestyle photographer-006

And because I have tried a Shootsac and not been entirely enamored (I want the option of putting my camera inside….I didn’t feel like it was entirely secure…and of course, the price tag!!!), I went instead with a small camera bag from xcessrize. I mostly will use it for my lenses to carry around with me while I shoot, but I do like that if I needed to, i can squeeze my 5d inside. Plus, Jackie was super friendly and when I didn’t see a fabric that was Darbi G. enough, I showed her a fabric I wanted…she got it…and made the bag with my fabric…as well as a pop of teal under the flap. 🙂 Me so happy!!!

Cute, huh?
etsyDarbi G Photography-wedding lifestyle photographer-001

etsyDarbi G Photography-wedding lifestyle photographer-002

Inside…I have my 70-200 lens, my 16-35…my book of inspiration… several batteries…and memory cards. 🙂
etsyDarbi G Photography-wedding lifestyle photographer-003

A diff view of it packed…
etsyDarbi G Photography-wedding lifestyle photographer-004

Fellow photographers, if you are interested in the camera bag, be sure to think about size… this is a small. I could maybe have used a medium, but since I mostly wanted it for lenses, all is peachy.

I also bought these decals for that office I’ll have someday when I also have a house… but I have yet to receive them….

Want to see what I really want but I just can’t justify buying right now?
A CUTE LIL’ ELEPHANT for my office someday!! But it’ll probably be gone by the time I have somewhere to put it. Tear….

And I can’t wait to have a red loveseat in my office…which will be aqua-walled with red accents…and white desk… and shelves… this will be a pop of color for the couch.

And these magnets! I want!!!

I next think I’ll be purchasing some baby goods for photo shoots…hats like this one, cocoons, etc. Now go check out Etsy to see what you might want. And buy, buy, buy! The economy needs it! haha 😉

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  • LeeAnn - Thanks again for the wonderful testimony! I laughed out loud when I saw your photo in your header with the parent holding the baby’s feet. Hilarious! It speaks volumes.ReplyCancel

  • Monkey - Hey Darbi your colors match our craft room! Except we did threw in an orange love seat that we had…which might clash with the red accents a little—but we don’t mind! 🙂 I love your new camera bag and was wondering what do you have in your inspiration book? Do you cut out photos from magazines or something for pose ideas or what?ReplyCancel

  • Darbi G. Photography - hi! 🙂 glad to hear the color palette is elsewhere. I hated it at first, but then one day, I woke up and loved it. haha 😉

    anyway…my inspiration book is a combo of magazine cut outs and print outs of other photographers’ work… mostly for posing ideas. I have it divided for family….boudoir (Esquire proves to be useful…and Victoria’s secret!!)…and couples (this will work for brides/grooms on the wedding day OR the engagement shoot) and then just single women…for bridal poses…Thanks for stopping by!! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Jill Beninato - I was wondering how you like your bag? I am thinking about ordering the medium size bag and was wondering about the padding??? Does it protect your gear well enough? I looked into Tracy Joy bags but have heard a lot of people say it wasn’t padded well…Thanks!ReplyCancel