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My new toys: the Samsung Instinct & a Canon 5D

Yep! I have news!!! After having had the same phone for 4 years…I’ve finally upgraded. I know the big trend is the iPhone. But I don’t have the desire to throw that much money at something that I don’t necessarily NEED. Not when there are lenses etc. to buy!!
So we went in to Sprint for an upgrade. And an upgrade we got. For the same amount of money that Neil and I were paying monthly, we are now getting WAY more. 1500 anytime minutes…unlimited texting & data usage… AND for $129 each, we got the Sprint Samsung Instinct phone.
AND… I pumped up my auxiliary supply with a 5d. So what does that mean? Time for a new name in the family. I already have Leonard and Geraldine. When I picked up the 5D, I felt it’s maleness. I also felt how it was at home in my hand. And that made me think of things I love. And then I thought of my grandparents and the small town by which they live…so my new camera’s name is Stuart. 🙂
I put Stuart to work…and captured some screen shots of my new phone. BUT… the quality is not the greatest as it’s 10 p.m., dark and I’m exhausted..so didn’t tinker much. Just quick snaps.


You can watch TV on it. No it’s not the BEST quality. BUT IT’S NOT A TV!!! 🙂 Neil used it last night while I was sleeping…he popped head phones in it and was able to finally watch TV in bed!! (because by the time he comes to bed, I’m conked out)..
These are some of the channels you can watch for free.
Love the voicemail feature because if you get a bunch of messges, you don’t have to listen to the ones you know are just “call me”…or whatever…you can pick and choose…listen in any order…stop and play…rewind…etc.
And finally I can text!!! And easily, too! BUT NOT WHILE DRIVING!! I hate it when people do that. You’re going to kill someone!!!
Here is the faves menu. Basically, i can customize this opening screen with whatever it is I use the most.

Here are the “fun” features.
And the emailing thing is oen of my faves! Emailing back is as easy as texting.
And Neil loves this feature. But i do too! i can keep an eye on all the locales we might someday live..to see how their weather compares to here! And I can also view a radar!!
Of course, an important feature was the photo stuff. I can transfer images from my PC to the lil media card that comes with the phone. Most of the images below are from our wedding (by Stacy Reeves…) but what I will prob use this for is to carry a mini portfolio with me!!
And the photo quality is good, too! Check it out. That is my bro’s g-friend.

Anyway…I love it.
And I’m sure I’ll fall in love with STuart even more this weekend when I’m in Dallas with some FLICKR forum pals. I get to see Stacy!! And Stacy can meet Stuart! 🙂

Ok, I’m off to bed. I actually can’t believe I spent time doing this. Oh, the effects of technology… 🙂
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  • serena - thanks for sharing! definitely interested in the instinct.ReplyCancel

  • Your Bro - Wow look at you and hte fancy phone, thats cool so it has wi fi on it or you have to connect to sprint data network?
    Ill be shopping for new phone in November when i change carriers.
    You Should take Geraldine and snap photos of Stuart….and then let them alone for awhile, you may be in luck and 1 hour later they could have developed a “point and shoot” baby….hahaha get it?

    BTW i liek that yellow insignia logo on the bottom of hte proofs much more professional lookingReplyCancel

  • Clary Pfeiffer - Fine! Don’t listen to me about going with the sexy picture for you blog;) Enjoy your 5D…btw, Travis thinks your are pretty funny for naming your gadgets.ReplyCancel

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