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Not alone in the Lone Star state…

The thing about photography, like most things in life, you can never learn enough. Every shoot is a new experience. The lighting, the environment, the subject, the chemistry that the subject has with the camera. I think that is one of the parts of this passion of mine that keeps it alive. The desire to learn more. What better way to learn more than to practice….and what better way to practice than to meet up with fellow photographers and shoot, talk shop and have a blast.
I did just that last weekend. Neil went with me (what a dear hubby!!)…I ventured south to Dallas, Texas to meet up with a dozen members of a photography forum I belong to. We had three shoots. And the one I’m going to post about first was actually our last one. But it’s because meeting these people and learning from them and (I hope) teaching them something too was the most valuable thing I got out of the weekend. That said..I will warn you…the two shoots I did were HOTTTT. 🙂 And I can’t wait to process those.
Here are my new friends…

She is one of the friendliest people I’ve ever met…and she found me funny sometimes. I like that. haha 😉

Dallas PS-015Shannon Kuanfung

Her biz name is The Short Photographer. Because she’s short. But I think she could easily change her name to The Photogenic Photographer. Seriously.
I think she looks like Ashley Judd. I ended up with tONS of pics of her..prob cuz she likes to be in front of the camera almost as much a behind it.

and then there is one of the three Jasons that was around that weekend. He is of Table 4 Photography in Texas. And let’s just say…he’s a lot of fun. 🙂 Zany!!!

Jason #2. But let’s be honest. It wasn’t long before we called him Montana. Not because he’s related to Hannah. But because that is where he’s from. 🙂

This was hilarious. Sorry, Nylo (the hotel!!) And check out Jason Huang in the back…
And here is Ken Keinow. He is the administrator of the forum. But he’s no tyrant. He’s incredibly talented and very calming. And check out that smile.

And Sarah Anne. She’s got a great laugh and is so incredibly cute!! She’s also a Texan.

And Julie Jones. She might be quiet, but when she makes a sound…she has something to say.
Dallas PS-jj-004
Dallas PS-jj-002
And let’s not forget Stacy Reeves. She hosted the event…some of which took place at her house…and the rest she coordinated. She is not one to keep a trade secret, and I’ve learned so much from her in a year. She also is one of my wedding photographers. She is amazing. And so cute on camera!!! Check it.

Dallas PS-SR-015
Ok, I’m exhausted. BUT…THANK you to all who came! And to all who welcomed my non-shooting husband so warmly.
And thank you to the models…Paige, Sarah and Drew…your pics will come soon!!!
And…Thanks to Nylo hotel for being the coolest hotel I’ve ever seen..and for letting us relish in the softbox of your front room.
And thanks to Stacy for EVERYTHING!!!!!!
I can’t wait to do it again! (TWSS)
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  • Photography by Lara - Um. HAD to rub it in, didn’t you? I won’t say what you are, but you know. YOU KNOW.

    Stacy 15 is SO CUTE!ReplyCancel