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Katie & Brandon: Too-much-fun to-be-weds

Wow is all I can say about Katie & Brandon. They are adorable. They are silly. They are photogenic! What more can I want? Katie is a teacher, so we began the session in a classroom (the location of which shall remain nameless… 😉 ) and Katie requested to utilize the chalkboard, inspired by a shot I’ve done for a previous couple back in 2007.

Katie-Brandon-wedding engagement photography-_MG_8619-Edit

So darling!
Katie-Brandon-wedding engagement photography-_MG_8689-Edit

Once again I was joined by Courtney Tompsen… and she did not fail to amaze. Here are two shots…of the same moment… Courtney’s is on the left, mine on the right.
Katie-Brandon-wedding engagement photography-_MG_8710-Edit

And the good ol’ Mizzou columns…
Katie-Brandon-wedding engagement photography-_MG_8736

a very frame-friendly portrait. They just make me sigh.
Katie-Brandon-wedding engagement photography-_MG_8754-bw

These are two faces of Katie. That would be…stunning on the left. Pinchably cute on the right. And want to know what made her giggle so much? I directed Brandon to support her a bit more the way she was sitting on his lap…and she said, “Support me like a good bra.” I warned her that I would relay that on the blog… 🙂
Katie-Brandon-wedding engagement photography-_MG_8756-Edit

And one of my faves that Courtney caught. Added a bit of a spring/autumn tonality and LOVE IT.
Katie-Brandon-wedding engagement photography-AKP_0190-Edit

The glorious dogwood trees make for lovely backdrops. (but I confess, I do not like their smell…like wet nail files.)
Katie-Brandon-wedding engagement photography-_MG_8797

So precious. Seriously…no?
Katie-Brandon-wedding engagement photography-_MG_8848-Edit

And here is Courtney:
Katie-Brandon-wedding engagement photography-_MG_8849

And a lovely flare-ily shot from C.
Katie-Brandon-wedding engagement photography-AKP_0026-Edit

Yellow and flowers and yellow and flowers… one for Katie’s hair! (the one on the left is Courtney’s)
Katie-Brandon-wedding engagement photography-_MG_8863-Edit

I was requested to take a portrait for grandma that wouldn’t cut off their heads. How’s this? 🙂
Katie-Brandon-wedding engagement photography-_MG_8875-Edit

These next two…are my favorites. They are the same image..but cropped and treated differently. I was so torn as to which one to use. What’s your fave?
Katie-Brandon-wedding engagement photography-_MG_8887-Edit

Katie-Brandon-wedding engagement photography-_MG_8887-bw

Did I mention that I love daffodils? and daffodil-colored sweaters? And couples in love?
Katie-Brandon-wedding engagement photography-_MG_8897-Edit

Katie-Brandon-wedding engagement photography-_MG_8908-Edit

Two more shots..same moment. The one of the left is mine! C’s is on the right (but I cropped it a bit…)
Katie-Brandon-wedding engagement photography-_MG_8917-Edit

After this, we headed to Capen Park…or around thereabouts. Their dog came to meet us… such a friendly lil’ guy named Max.
Katie-Brandon-wedding engagement photography-_MG_8938-Edit

And a shot by C

Katie-Brandon-wedding engagement photography-AKP_0229-Edit

Ok, maybe this one is my favorite that Courtney took.I love all parts of it.
Katie-Brandon-wedding engagement photography-AKP_9986-Edit

Do you see any bramble? (I overused that word during the shoot…. haha)
Katie-Brandon-wedding engagement photography-_MG_8985-Edit

Katie-Brandon-wedding engagement photography-_MG_8959-Edit

Go, Courtney! And go lovebirds!!
Katie-Brandon-wedding engagement photography-AKP_0338-Edit

Katie-Brandon-wedding engagement photography-_MG_9057-Edit

Katie-Brandon-wedding engagement photography-_MG_9076-Edit

I love this one. YOU GUYS ARE TOO CUTE!
Katie-Brandon-wedding engagement photography-_MG_9107-Edit

And lastly…
Katie-Brandon-wedding engagement photography-_MG_9146-Edit

KAtie & Brandon, you are my last wedding scheduled in Missouri for 2009 since I will be moving in the fall sometime… and I couldn’t ask for a better couple to cap out my mid-Mo weddings with. Courtney and I are looking forward to seeing you again in July… Have fun till then!!!

And to see Courtney’s post of this same session with her photos edited by her…go here.

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  • Photography by Lara - LOVE this! You did a great job. I think this is one of your best sessions ever!!!ReplyCancel

  • Ashley - Did this Brandon happen to row on the MU Crew Team back in 04 (and wear some awesome overalls while trying to pull a tree out of the creek)? and AWESOME pics girls- feels like spring!ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Darbi we had such a great time with you and Courtney. My favorites are the first black and white one and your favorite with both of our crazy blue/green eyes in the flowers:) We are so glad we get to help capture your last wedding in MO…We can’t wait for July 18th~Katie and BrandonReplyCancel

  • april bodenburg - AMAZING session. LOVE the colors Katie wore. And of the two of them laying on the ground (where you cropped and treated differently) – DEFINITELY love the color more… but they are both spectacular! Lovely lovely lovely photos!ReplyCancel

  • Dennis Bullock - Great work Darbi! These are all so good!ReplyCancel

  • Temple & Nick - GORGEOUS! I love them. Katie’s eyes are amazing! I couldn’t tell if Max was scared or trying to be intimidating. He’s adorable.ReplyCancel

  • Vanessa Granger - Katie your engagement pictures are endless beautiful! In regards to your favorite…i reallly LOVE the color one with the wide crop…simply perfect 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Simone - I liked your job Darbi, I admire, congratulations =] ReplyCancel

  • Mark Hayes - Inspiring shots. I love the blackboard shots – heck my studio is in an old school – I have to hunt down a room with a blackboard still in it.ReplyCancel

  • clary5four - I'm voting for the B&W one…it is so crisp, even thought it is cropped and it draws you straight to their stellar eyes. Beautiful girl!!ReplyCancel

  • Enjo - Thats totally Jeff Jr!!! I know my old Jr. High anywhere!!!ReplyCancel