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Elsa & Jeff + 8…and I’m not talking about kids…

I shot a special wedding at the end of last summer… one of the most unique to date. It was that of Elsa & Jeff. We weren’t able to fit in an engagement session BEFORE the wedding, so we agreed that I’d come back out to their home outside of Excello in the spring for a post-wedding couple shoot.

Two months ago, Elsa told me that they instead wanted me to shoot their family…more specifically…their dogs. 🙂 And they had FIVE of them. I was very excited for this challenge, but I knew that four-legged friends could indeed be handfuls, so I brought along my trusted assistant Ashley Clarke. When we got there, there was a surprise.

Elsa & Jeff’s family had grown. By three. So there were now EIGHT dogs!!!

First up, meet 7-year-old Tug. She is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. And she was super cool.
Darbi G photography-dog puppy photographer-_MG_9217-bw

She was well-trained…and came when she was called. Flapping ears and all…

Darbi G photography-dog puppy photographer-_MG_9270-Edit

and how beautiful and majestic does she look here?
Darbi G photography-dog puppy photographer-_MG_9285-Edit

And check out her beautiful chestnut color… photo taken by Ashley.
Darbi G photography-dog puppy photographer-_MG_0836-Edit

She has a special place in Jeff’s heart… 🙂

Darbi G photography-dog puppy photographer-_MG_9310-Edit

And then there is Elsa’s little ham of a dog. Rooster… he is a Vizsla and is charming and rowdy at the age of 4.
Darbi G photography-dog puppy photographer-_MG_9393-Edit

Love how mature he looks here. 🙂

Darbi G photography-dog puppy photographer-_MG_9388-bw

OH the things dogs will do for a piece of hot dog.

Darbi G photography-dog puppy photographer-_MG_9348-Edit

I should say here that most of E&J’s dogs are trained (or in the process of being trained) for hunting. BUT, in these next pictures, the pigeon was never in harm’s way. They merely used the bird for training purposes. And I found it cute.

Rooster likes pigeons, too.

Darbi G photography-dog puppy photographer-_MG_9401-Edit

I bet this is that bird’s first kiss…
Darbi G photography-dog puppy photographer-_MG_9412-Edit

The third canine…a German Shorthaired Pointer who is 7… is Gator. I like Gator’s smile. 😉
Darbi G photography-dog puppy photographer-_MG_9544-Edit

Darbi G photography-dog puppy photographer-_MG_9548-Edit

The eldest of the E&J clan is Rocks. She is an 8-year-old English Pointer. Elsa & Jeff almost lost her not too long ago after a run-in with an infection that came from inhaling a grass seed. She has stitches up and down her belly. She’s a trooper!

Darbi G photography-dog puppy photographer-_MG_9593-Edit

Darbi G photography-dog puppy photographer-_MG_9605

This photo makes me laugh. It’s not super stellar in any sense other than the expression on Rocks’ face. Elsa & Jeff are laughing…and she looks not quite as entertained.
Darbi G photography-dog puppy photographer-_MG_9630

Her lack of amusement might have been because we kept saying “Birds!” to get her excited. And finally, she said, “Forget you guys, I’m going to find a REAL one.”
She came close. She found a nest. Check out her form….she stayed like this until E&J said she could move. That’s COOl.

Darbi G photography-dog puppy photographer-_MG_9644

Ashley’s beautiful catch… Rocks looks so noble.
Darbi G photography-dog puppy photographer-_MG_1081

And check this out… Rooster, Rocks and Gator can jump.
Darbi G photography-dog puppy photographer-_MG_9491-Edit

Next up is their 6-year-old rescue mutt, Scooter. Scooter is a motley lil’ guy…and his underbite is quite endearing…don’tcha think?

Darbi G photography-dog puppy photographer-_MG_9733-Edit

Ashley’s tongue pic.
Darbi G photography-dog puppy photographer-_MG_1111-Edit

And I mentioned the three new dogs, right? Here is one of them…Clementine. By Ashley.
Darbi G photography-dog puppy photographer-_MG_1143

But it was the two youngest, also beagles… that I couldn’t get enough of. They were tricky devils to catch though because being untrained and puppies, they were hard to get in focus.

This is Goose. Named by the surrogate owner…one of E&J’s nephews.

Darbi G photography-dog puppy photographer-_MG_9791-Edit

And Piper. She also answers to Puppy if said a few times in succession.
Darbi G photography-dog puppy photographer-_MG_9774-Edit

What a sweet moment when Ashley met Goose on his level.
Darbi G photography-dog puppy photographer-_MG_9798-Edit

A ball fell beneath the steps, and Clementine wasn’t having that. So she tried to get it…from the oddest way possible.
My view:

Darbi G photography-dog puppy photographer-_MG_9834-Edit

My view of Ashley’s view:
Darbi G photography-dog puppy photographer-_MG_9836-Edit
And Ashley’s view:
Darbi G photography-dog puppy photographer-_MG_1175-Edit

Oh my…how this makes me sigh.

Darbi G photography-dog puppy photographer-_MG_9900-Edit

TEAMWORK!!! (by Ashley)
Darbi G photography-dog puppy photographer-_MG_1194-Edit

PRECIOUS PUPPY PIPER!!! Say that three times fast!
Darbi G photography-dog puppy photographer-_MG_9802-bw

Darbi G photography-dog puppy photographer-_MG_9848-Edit

One of my favorite shots of the day…caught by Ashley!! It looks like Piper was about to do something she shouldn’t… like jump off the edge.
Darbi G photography-dog puppy photographer-_MG_1253-Edit

GOOOOOOSEEEE!! His look of terror is sooo darn cute.
Darbi G photography-dog puppy photographer-_MG_9792-bw

And I think the term “puppy dog eyes” was coined with this in mind.
Darbi G photography-dog puppy photographer-_MG_9851-Edit

Goose looks up to the older dogs…literally.
Darbi G photography-dog puppy photographer-_MG_0044-Edit

And lastly, photo of the original crew that we came to shoot… (I have some with all eight, too…)
Darbi G photography-dog puppy photographer-_MG_9981-Edit

Thank you, Elsa & Jeff, for treating us to such a challenging…fun…and unique family session!!! And Neil also thanks you because now I won’t stop talking about wanting a beagle. haha 😉

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  • Anonymous - Kudos to Darbi and Ashley for coming out and braving the wet grass and ticks to get such great pictures of our family. We are proof that hunting dogs can indeed be spoiled rotten. We won't even hold it against you that you said Scooter looked like a wild boar! And that Rocks was "going towards the light" – that was way too close to what almost happened this winter! Thanks Girls. Jeff & ElsaReplyCancel

  • Erika Jackson - These are amazing, Darbi! You are SO talented!ReplyCancel

  • Photography by Lara - Love these pics. All-time favorite is Goose licking his nose…close second is Goose and Piper with the toy. Awesome job – it’s not easy to shoot dogs!ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Darbi,

    You are undoubtedly one of the most gifted photographers I’ve come across. When the pilot and I finally get hitched, I want you to take the pics!

    Psss…may involve flying.

    Sara MullenReplyCancel

  • Julie - Aw, Darbi! These are awesome!ReplyCancel

  • A - If only Diesel had been so cooperative!! 🙂

    These are GREAT Darbi!ReplyCancel

  • Hannah Harbert - I want a beagle too! As soon as we buy a house we are getting a puppy. I can’t wait!


  • Dreaming Tree Photography - Oh Darbi, these are fabulous. What an awesome couple! I love dogs and dog lovers are even cooler. I am in love with one of the first photos in b&w with the dog and you wrote that the photo was majestic. Oh, I love it. Plus, the puppies are too cute 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Beth Berry - Every picture of the puppies I found myself saying “Awww…awww!!!!” They are so cute! I have a special place in my heart for beagles 🙂 And I love the guy with the underbite!ReplyCancel