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{To Be Weds} Beth & Tom in Kansas City

Ahhh… at last. Another lovely fall session making its way to the blog just in time for… spring? 😉

This engagement session ends up being one of my faves for a few reasons. I always enjoy shooting at Nelson Atkins… but I also LOVE shooting people I haven’t seen in a long time. Beth and I went to high school together in Omaha. She was a year under me… in my brother’s class. So it’s been way too long since we’ve walked the halls of Omaha North (when we realized the # of years, we both decided to not mention it again. hahaha) How crazy that she’s ended up in Kansas  City too (something I didn’t know until we had a phone consultation! I had been under the impression she was in Omaha, which is why we didn’t’ meet in person. haha)

Anyway, she has grown up to be such a beautiful person! And I am so glad she’s found a guy who knows just how lucky he is.The two met here in Kansas City….and in a way that sounds odd. They lived together. Sort of. Beth needed a place to stay when she first moved here, so she decided to stay with the brother of  her good friend. Well, that brother had another roommate, and his name was Tom. Their relationship unfolded under no guises. Beth was very obviously into him, and Tom called her out on it. (They say this bluntness continues today and is something they are thankful for!)

Things just worked for them. Even when Tom’s job took him to Omaha, they stuck it out long-distance. And in time, Tom upped the ante. Here is their proposal story from Beth’s perspective. I laughed when I heard it….because I think for a month or so, my husband can commiserate with what Beth was tuned into a bit too much. 😉

Tom took me on a surprise date. I was told to get dressed and pack an overnight bag. However, he wasn’t very helpful when I asked what type of clothes to bring. It was very stressful since I only had so many outfits to choose from since I was up in Omaha and only brought a couple outfits for the extended weekend. I was told no skinny jeans, heels or a dress, but to look nice. We went to the grocery store and bought some food for dinner. We then headed out to Mahoney State Park where he rented a cabin for us. We spent the day walking around and exploring the park. We even went up to the top of the observation tower. I sat on the bench in the middle of the tower because I was too scared to go near the edge. Tom walked around the whole tower and laughed at me a little. We then decided to go to the restaurant instead of cooking. At this time Words With Friends was a big deal and I was a little obsessed with it and my new iPhone that Tom bought me as a birthday present. I was playing it throughout dinner and didn’t think too much of it. (I don’t think I realized how bad my obsession was.) We then went back to the cabin and started a fire. It was a bit of a process because the firewood we bought was a little damp. Once Tom finally got the fire going he dimmed the lights. I was on my phone playing Words With Friends completely oblivious to what was happening. He was trying to propose and had to take my phone away. I am definitely not proud of that! But, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said, “Yes!”

Moral of the story: PUT DOWN YOUR PHONES, PEOPLE! Something amazing might just happen. LIke…you might get a diamond! And a life-long best friend! 😉 haha

This session was entirely too windy, but never when we WANTED the wind to rip through. I love how Beth embraced it and let her hair just go with it. And their personalities really came out during these photos. I can’t wait to see them again in late April (my first wedding of this year!!!) up in Omaha. I might just have to get a pic of Beth on her phone. ;)Enjoy my favorites from their session!!!


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