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Omaha baby photographer: Brogan takes it to the outdoors

This ball of fun might look familiar to the faithful readers. Here’s why. Their originally scheduled session ended up being unseasonably cold for spring, so we booked another mini session in June to get some images of Brogan  in a happier state of being outdoors. And we succeeded!! Check these out…and leave the family some comments to help them feel loved.

DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-baby photographer-brogan100.jpgDarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-baby photographer-brogan101.jpg

This will be his face that he gives to his friends when he really pulls one over on them. I can see it now…
DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-baby photographer-brogan102.jpgDarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-baby photographer-brogan104.jpg

DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-baby photographer-brogan103.jpg

I love this one of the family!
DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-baby photographer-brogan105.jpg

DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-baby photographer-brogan106.jpgDarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-baby photographer-brogan113.jpg

This expression is downright adorably hilarious!!! No?

DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-baby photographer-brogan107.jpg

He couldn’t keep his hand or mouth off of the grass!!
DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-baby photographer-brogan108.jpg

DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-baby photographer-brogan110.jpgDarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-baby photographer-brogan109.jpg

DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-baby photographer-brogan111.jpg

Brandy & Luke–I would totally get this one as a canvas … a big one!!!
DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-baby photographer-brogan112.jpg

DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-baby photographer-brogan114.jpg

A lil’ boy in a big world…
DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-baby photographer-brogan116.jpgDarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-baby photographer-brogan117.jpg

Oh yeah, and he liked to eat the daisies, too.
DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-baby photographer-brogan118.jpg

As we were calling it a day, I looked down…and saw this…. I had to snap a pic…I didn’t have enough hands or time to move my ring straight on, but you’ll get the picture. Literally.

DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-baby photographer-brogan119.jpg

I think the ladybug was a sign that this family will be a lucky one… with many years of fun with Brogan. And many walls graced with his cuteness!!!

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  • Darbi's Mom - Oh my gosh! What a cutie! What a beautiful little family. Nobody will mess with Brogan! All he has to do is show one of his expressions and they will respect him! Brandy and Luke – you have an adorable little guy there. The pictures of him are all so good. Well, of you two also. And as usual Darbi – beautiful job! You captured some great moments.ReplyCancel

  • Bethany - The black and white ones in the grass are just to die for, and I love the one with his tongue out. Too adorable. You're amazing, and what a super cute family.ReplyCancel

  • Photography by Lara - That first black and white one cracks me the heck up!ReplyCancel

  • Temple & Nick - Brandy and Luke, I already knew Brogan was a cutie. Cailin thinks so too. These photos just enforce what I believe. Most of these just made me crack up. I love the expressions. I'm so glad we have kids the same age…well, basically. 5 months is kind of big now, but in a couple of years it'll be nothing. but i'm glad. I love it. We both have such precious little gifts.

  • Rebecca Allen Photography - I love the first two B&W pics showing Brogan alone and the giggly family. Great moments of expression!ReplyCancel