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Ashley & Colin | Omaha wedding photographer

DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-138.jpg

I have been looking forward to Ashely & Colin’s wedding all year. They are two of the SWEETEST, most enjoyable people I’ve ever met. And just knowing that they’ve been together since JUNIOR HIGH is the cherry on the top. That kind of love just doesn’t come around much. But when you meet these two…when you see Colin look at Ashley with disbelief in his eyes–that this darling, endearingly animated blonde is HIS FOREVER…when you hear her complete his sentences or laugh with a wide, open mouth at whatever Colin does… you know that their puppy love is now full-grown…canine love?? hahaha You get what I’m saying…right? 😉

They bought a house together not too long ago…and not too far from where it all began (Papillion  Junior HIgh)…and that is where Ashley and the ladies got ready. Let the wonderfulness that is their wedding day begin…
DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-100.jpgDarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-101.jpg

The first touching moment came when Ashley read aloud the card that Colin gave her…and opened his gift.  For those who were there, we learned of a whole new meaning to the words: I LOVE FRITOS. 😉

DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-103.jpgDarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-102.jpg

DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-106.jpgDarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-105.jpg

And how perfect that their wall was painted in their wedding colors!!!!!!! (Colin did the tedious painting, I hear…)

DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-107.jpg

A cake ball…on a stick…with bling!!! WHAT MORE COULD A HUNGRY GIRL ASK FOR??? And on the right… I love the silhouette photo on the right. Their sister-in-law (I think…sorry if I’m remembering incorrectly!!!) had this made on etsy using THIS engagement photo.
DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-108.jpgDarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-109.jpg

DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-113.jpgDarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-115.jpgDarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-117.jpgDarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-118.jpg

I’m telling you…if I had a dime every time Ashley was laughing so gleefully…I would be able to buy a lot of those cakeballs above…
DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-119.jpg

On this warm June day, I was joined by the Nikon-wielding Cara Yates from Gretna, Ne. She covered the gentlemen….and check out Colin’s super darling (I mean….COOL….and STUDLY) cuff links!!!
DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-110.jpgDarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-112.jpg

While we’re on the subject of cufflinks…here is a pic taken much later in the day by moi… but it pertains…
DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-184.jpg

And back to chronological order… ha
DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-114.jpgDarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-120.jpg

DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-122.jpg

And then it was FIRST GLANCE TIME…at the location where meeting one another half way was the name of the game back in the days…
DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-126.jpgDarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-128.jpg

DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-131.jpgDarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-152.jpg

DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-142.jpgDarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-146.jpg

Check out this KILLER-LY Delicious shot of Ashley…taken by Cara!! (on the left) and then mine is on the right.
DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-148.jpgDarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-149.jpg

One of my faves. And here is where I’ll tell you what you’re all wondering…that necklace? You can get it in Papillion… At Kajoma Boutique. They don’t have a website but it is located in off 84th—downtown Papillion. The store number is (402) 991-4477. I might have to call for that necklace myself. Rumor has it…they are incredibly reasonable in price!!!
DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-150.jpg

DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-133.jpgDarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-137.jpg

Here is a toss up. IF you were to judge the next two pics on sexiness…which would win? I’m sooo torn. 😉 (Thanks Cara for being ready with that camera when I showed them where to go)
DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-134.jpgDarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-135.jpg

DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-140.jpg

I could post their portraits all day…but we gotta have a few from the ceremony…and more of them will be later in the post..

DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-166.jpgDarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-168.jpg

DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-170.jpgDarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-171.jpg
DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-172.jpgDarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-176.jpg

DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-175.jpgDarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-180.jpg

DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-177.jpgDarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-179.jpg

CAra’s catch. WOWZA. 😉
DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-178

DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-162.jpgDarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-165.jpg

And get your sighs ready, folks…because..Ashley + Colin = hot enough. But then add in there some scrumptious backlighting…and a picnic table that was screaming, “I WANT A BRIDE TO LIE DOWN ON ME!!!”…and this is what you get. SIGGGGHHHHHHH.
DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-190.jpg

DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-192.jpgDarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-191.jpg

And Cara got some reception pics..
DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-195.jpgDarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-185.jpgDarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-186.jpg

A few of my fave special dance pics…
DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-199.jpgDarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-200.jpgDarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-201.jpg

DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-204.jpgDarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-206.jpgDarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-209.jpgDarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-210.jpgDarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-212.jpgDarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-213.jpg

DarbiGPhotography-KansasCity-wedding photographer-Omaha wedding-ashleycolin-198.jpg

Ashley & Colin. Your wedding was special indeed. Love and friendship like what you both have always rekindles my own love for love. Thank you so much for signing me up to shoot this wonderful day. CAra & I had so much fun ooohing and ahhing over your darlingness. Enjoy your new home together!!! xoxox

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  • Erika Jackson - oh my. everything is just delicious. but that picnic table shot? that is pure fabulousness, darbi. well done. nice to know that i wasn't alone blogging late on a saturday night 😉ReplyCancel

  • Ashley - I LOVE THEM!!!!!!! You are the best! Colin and I were wide eyed looking at these pictures with huge smiles on our faces! Thank you so much Darbi!ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Very cute photos! You couldn't have done a better job- and I was there. 🙂 Congrats Ash & Colin!

  • Courtney Lockridge - Amazing photos and such a cute couple! 🙂 Congrats to you guys!ReplyCancel

  • Darbi's Mom - Oh wow! I got teary-eyed over these pictures! Maybe it has something to do with being Jr.-High sweethearts! Now that tells you Ashley and Colin are really meant to be together. Beautiful couple – beautiful pictures. Darbi you captured the best!ReplyCancel

  • Bailey - WOW! So great. I was going to say my favorite was the one on the picnic table but then a I found about 30 other favorites! Love them all! Ashley looks so beautiful and you really captured their love for each other! Phenomenal work Darbi!ReplyCancel

  • Stacy - Wow! Wow! Wow! Such creative captures! Beautiful memories!ReplyCancel

  • Amy - Beautiful pictures. Felt like laughing and crying at the same time. Ash and Colin are adorable!ReplyCancel

  • Gracyn - Who is the designer of Ashley’s dress?! I love it!ReplyCancel