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Omaha family photography: And they call this cutie B-man!

I was in Omaha a couple of weekends ago and while there, my sister’s good friend hit me up for a 6-month shoot for her lil’ rascal, Brogan. I had never met him, so I was super eager to see what gem Brandy & Luke, two of the SWEETEST people in the world, could create.

Brandy really wanted to do outdoor pics…so we tried. But a morning session in March…in Gretna…just wasn’t very baby-friendly. Brandy & Luke kept their dear warm as possible by making a Brogan sandwich!!!

DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City family photographer-baby-100DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City family photographer-baby-101

I think this was his only smile that graced his chubby cheeks while outside. And I think his smile just might be because his grandpa was dancing around like a goof behind me.
DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City family photographer-baby-102DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City family photographer-baby-103

DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City family photographer-baby-104

The wind was dreadful…and after Brogan was inconsolably whimpering from the chill…we opted to return to their house. And are you ready to see his darlingness in a much better disposition? If so..continue scrolling.

DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City family photographer-baby-105

DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City family photographer-baby-107DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City family photographer-baby-108

I must be a  bit on the funny-looking side of things…shocking, I know, B-man.
DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City family photographer-baby-106

DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City family photographer-baby-109DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City family photographer-baby-110

Warning: the next image is indicative of what Brogan will look like as a man. He’s a tiny man, but…be still my heart!!!

DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City family photographer-baby-111DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City family photographer-baby-112

Sigh. Definitely a fave.
DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City family photographer-baby-113

Moments with the parents are always so precious. I mostly get a kick out of how mom and dad get into it.
DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City family photographer-baby-114DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City family photographer-baby-115

DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City family photographer-baby-116

Something about those cheeks…makes you want to SQUEEEEEEEZE them.
DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City family photographer-baby-117DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City family photographer-baby-118

DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City family photographer-baby-120DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City family photographer-baby-121

Hi there!!!
DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City family photographer-baby-122DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City family photographer-baby-123

DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City family photographer-baby-124

The whole fam on the left. A happy, jolly baby on the right.
DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City family photographer-baby-125DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City family photographer-baby-126

Stole a few quick pics of Brandy & Luke under their deck…where there was SHADE!!
DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City family photographer-baby-129DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City family photographer-baby-130

We gave the sunshine one more try.
DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City family photographer-baby-128

And I’ll end with this one. Because I LURVE it.

DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City family photographer-baby-127

Brandy & Luke, thank you for enduring such a brisk day…and I give you high five after high five for finding the CUTEST (most VIKING, haha) outfit EVER. And Grandma & Grandpa–thanks so much for being there to help with pulling out the grins. I can’t wait to watch this lil’ man grow into a big one!!

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  • Temple & Nick - OMG!!! The pictures are awesome!!! I love that outfit. And Brandy, aren't you glad I talked you into buying that hat?! HE IS SO ADORABLE IN IT! He and Cailin will make a darling couple some day :).ReplyCancel

  • Pat G. - Oh, Brandy and Luke – he is so darn cute – definitely looks like a little boy! You should be proud. The pictures are just perfect. The people in them that is. Ha! But Darbi did a super great job if I must say so myself. On another note, Brogan looks JUST like his Mommy and his Grandma (Brandy's Mom).ReplyCancel

  • Grandpa - Grandpa dancing around like a Goof.


  • ICFs - Very cute. Can you make my eyes that blue on our wedding pictures please!?ReplyCancel

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