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Kansas City wedding photographer: Abby & Justin match in more ways than one. ;)

Time sure flies. When Abby & Justin booked me in early 2009, I thought their wedding was soooo farrrr awayyyyyy. We did their engagement session in Columbia, Mo., more than a year ago, so they might look familiar.

Justin is Neil’s buddy from his days of working at Garfield’s and actually honored Neil with asking him to be a groomsman in the wedding. So this marks the first wedding I’ve ever shot in which my hubby was part of the wedding party. Yippeeee! ha

Anyway, when they booked me, I was so excited because never before have I met a couple that was so genuine and thoughtful and fun and darling together. Justin has to be the happiest-go-lucky (is that how you’d say that???) guy EVER…And Abby is a perfect match.

Enough gushing. Let’s get this party started. We began at the Crowne Plaza hotel. My second shooter was the fabulous Courtney Tompson!!! And let me just tell you, this next shot was one of several SHOE SHOTS that Courtney got. She was…OBSESSED. And I can’t blame her.
DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-100

And another one of many….Justin had around 10 gifts brought to Abby over the course of the morning. Where can one find a groom like that??? Here is one of the gifts…(not to be confused with the wedding band!!)
DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-101DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-102

DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-103DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-104

DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-105DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-106

DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-107DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-108

DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-111DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-112

DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-113DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-114

I think this wedding takes the (cup)cake when it comes to the most emotional one I’ve been to. This was just the beginning of tears. Sigh.
DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-115DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-116

This stunner was caught by Courtney!
DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-117

Meanwhile, at the dude ranch…things were really uptight. NOT!!
DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-119DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-120

DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-122DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-123

Abby gave Justin a special gift for the wedding day. If you’re interested in doing the same…let’s just say…contact me. 😉
DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-125DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-124a

And then it was time for the wonderful FIRST GLANCE. YAY for FIRST GLANCES!!
DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-126DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-127

Mine on the left, Court’s on the right.
DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-129DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-130

DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-131

Owww-owww…Justin’s ever so handsome.
Mine on the left, Court’s on the right. I love seeing two diff perspectives.
DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-132DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-133

DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-134

A fave of Abby!
DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-135

DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-136DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-137

DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-141DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-142DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-143

No Jayhawk fans here. A lil’ Truman is safeguarding the rings. 🙂
DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-144

Before the ceremony began, these two moments made me tear up. I’m such a softy when it comes to beautiful people being beautifully emotional.

DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-145DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-146

Ok, this is getting really long…so I’m going to just post photos or I’ll never make tonight’s deadline. haha BUT…let me just say…WRITE YOUR OWN VOWS if your officiant will allow you to. I can’t say enough how amazing it is to feel and hear and see raw emotion during the ceremony. And yes, this photographer might bawl. oops.

DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-147DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-148

DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-149

DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-150

CHECK OUT THEIR AMAZING MATCHING SHOES. Yes, this B&G might just be the biggest shoe nuts yet.
DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-151DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-152

And I’d like to just say here that the entire bridal party was a blast. Weddings are so much more fun when fun brides and grooms surround themselves by fun people. Props to Abby & Justin for finding wonderful friends!!!
DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-153

DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-154

DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-156

Is it bad if I just keep sighing???
DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-157DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-158

My view (on the roof top of Club 1000!)
DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-159

Courtney’s view
DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-160

Mine on the left…Court’s on the right
DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-161DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-162

One more of Abby-licious.
DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-163

Some details of the reception…a mix of mine and Court’s shots.
DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-165DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-166DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-167
DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-169DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-170

Yummers. The B&G’s cupcakes…..
DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-171

DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-172

DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-173

Ok… break time. This is my second shooter on the right. And my adorable husband on the left. She was trying to teach him a dance. But let me just give you a hint. The move she had taught him was NOTHING like what he did.
DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-174

DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-175DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-176DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-178DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-177

And we’ll close with Abby’s dad…I’d been warned about his dancing moves. And thank gosh…because he is a killer on the dancefloor!!!
DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City wedding photography-AbbyJustin-179

Abby & Justin…your wedding was worth the long wait. I cannot express how honored I am to have you as friends AND clients. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Can’t wait to make some more wonderful memories between the Hebranks & the Dennises. 😉 xoxoxoxox

WEDDING COORDINATOR: Danielle Suarez with Soiree Events
HAIR/MAKE UP: Be Chic Bride
FLORIST: Branches & Twigs
BAKER/CATERER: Delish Catering

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    I just had a moment reliving the ceremony and our vows! Thank you for capturing so perfectly the most amazing day my (and Justin's) life!ReplyCancel

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    I might need to send my future mother in law the link to one of these bridal party shots since she is incredibly mad that we bought black and white Vans for the guys to wear. 😉ReplyCancel

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