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Temple’s maternity: a special bump to me

I am so flipping excited… in a month or so, I will officially be an aunt. My brother will be an uncle. My mom and dad will be grandparents! My sister, who is three years older than I, will be a MOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY WOW!!! We all cannot wait to welcome Baby H into the world.

But before the baby arrives… my sister and I decided to document the extraordinary life inside of her… from the outside.
Darbi G photography-maternity-photography_MG_0523-EditDarbi G photography-maternity-photography_MG_0566-Edit

Darbi G photography-maternity-photography_MG_0540-Edit

Darbi G photography-maternity-photography_MG_0546-Edit

Gotta love dem hazel eyes.

Darbi G photography-maternity-photography_MG_0550-Edit-Edit

Darbi G photography-maternity-photography_MG_0571-Edit

One thing about my sister…once you get her laughing, you might not get her to stop.

Darbi G photography-maternity-photography_MG_0581-Edit

But stop she finally did, for this peaceful moment.
Darbi G photography-maternity-photography_MG_0588

A favorite of mine.
Darbi G photography-maternity-photography_MG_0601

Darbi G photography-maternity-photography_MG_0618-bw

Darbi G photography-maternity-photography_MG_0623-Edit

And then we got down to bare-belly business.
Darbi G photography-maternity-photography_MG_0629-Edit

Darbi G photography-maternity-photography_MG_0648-Edit

Darbi G photography-maternity-photography_MG_0656-Edit

Darbi G photography-maternity-photography_MG_0664-Edit

Darbi G photography-maternity-photography_MG_0668-EditDarbi G photography-maternity-photography_MG_0678-Edit

Darbi G photography-maternity-photography_MG_0688-Edit

Darbi G photography-maternity-photography_MG_0707-Edit

and the remaining ones are all so beautiful. I thank my sister for being brave… and I thank myself for having brought this scarf. The two were a match made in a maternity photographer’s heaven. 🙂

Darbi G photography-maternity-photography_MG_0731-EditDarbi G photography-maternity-photography_MG_0742-Edit

My sister’s fave. And I know why. Doesn’t she look just stunning? A glowing mother!!

Darbi G photography-maternity-photography_MG_0748-bw

Darbi G photography-maternity-photography_MG_0754-Edit

I tried, oh how I tried, to get her to reveal to me the planned name for the baby. But she is as stubborn as her sister. So this was all I had to go with.

Darbi G photography-maternity-photography_MG_0759-Edit

Darbi G photography-maternity-photography_MG_0771-Edit

And I love this one, because THIS is my sister.
Darbi G photography-maternity-photography_MG_0812-Edit

Darbi G photography-maternity-photography_MG_0813-Edit

And to close it…
Darbi G photography-maternity-photography_MG_0818-bw

Temple, motherhood will only strengthen all the things I love about you. I’m so excited for you and Nick… and myself, if I can be a bit selfish. 🙂 Thank you for letting me take these photos of you, so you can show your daughter someday how beautiful she was, even before we saw her. Love you!

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  • Photography by Lara - Absolutely wonderful job, Darbs! I’m so excited for you to be an aunt. 🙂 I can’t wait to meet little Loopy!ReplyCancel

  • Holly - These are great, Darbi. I love them.

    Oh, and I linked to your site from my site yesterday. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Temple & Nick - Dobbs, I had a blast with you and I’m so glad I did this. You did a beautiful job and I absolutely love them! I am actually a little stunned when I look at a few of them. I still can’t believe the ones with the scarf are my favorites! Thank you for doing this for me, I will always treasure them; for one because they were taken with love, and second, because my little girl makes me look like this. I love you sis!
    Funny…Lara tells you that you did a wonderful job, but doesn’t bother mentioning that I look wonderful. What a gal. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • clary5four - Your sister’s fav is mine. You will be a great Aunt and I can’t wait to see tons of pictures!!ReplyCancel