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Christina & Dustin are in harmony with love and spring

This is the second time I’ve blogged about Christina and Dustin. And what I mean by that is…last night, I had just spent 45 minutes getting their engagement session blog ready…I hit PUBLISH POST…and then I got a blogger error screen that basically said “Oops, blogger messed up and guess what? all your work is gone! Yeah, that’s right…the autosave function didn’t even work!” So frustrated was I… so I resolved to wait to redo it all until tonight. It will never have the exact flavor I originally meant, but here goes.

Christie contacted me last November to do an engagement session with her and her fiance, Dustin. Through emails since then, I’ve gotten to know them a bit as a couple. Christie is originally from North Carolina, which is where the two lovebirds will be tying the knot this summer. Regrettably, I will not be their wedding photographer, but whoever IS…is really lucky. The two met online through eHarmony. This is the second couple I’ve worked with who has met online! I love success stories like theirs. 🙂

One of C&D’s first dates was at Shelter Gardens. So that is where we began our session.
Darbi G Photography-engagement-photographer-_MG_0975

Darbi G Photography-engagement-photographer-_MG_1005-EditDarbi G Photography-engagement-photographer-_MG_1006-Edit

Darbi G Photography-engagement-photographer-_MG_1007-Edit

They are just so darling and natural together.
Darbi G Photography-engagement-photographer-_MG_1042-EditDarbi G Photography-engagement-photographer-_MG_1044

Darbi G Photography-engagement-photographer-_MG_1056

Darbi G Photography-engagement-photographer-_MG_1062

Later while we were walking, Dustin let out a yelp. A bird had crapped on his head!!! He took it like a man though. And Christie and I agreed that it sucked, but we were glad it was him and not one of us! haha

Darbi G Photography-engagement-photographer-_MG_1121

Purples and pinks were everywhere. Such a wonderful springy palette.
Darbi G Photography-engagement-photographer-_MG_0958

They brought attitude.
Darbi G Photography-engagement-photographer-_MG_1079

and they brought love.
Darbi G Photography-engagement-photographer-_MG_1118

Christie had described Dustin in a previous email to me as “downright adorably handsome.” And she was right.
Darbi G Photography-engagement-photographer-_MG_1157-Edit

Darbi G Photography-engagement-photographer-_MG_1141

This next shot was pulled off after a chorus of giggles…and a bit of paranoia as families were all over the park. But I’m glad it worked out because they fit so perfectly!
Darbi G Photography-engagement-photographer-_MG_1187

Darbi G Photography-engagement-photographer-_MG_1210

The “famous” schoolhouse

Darbi G Photography-engagement-photographer-_MG_1245

And a different spin on a Darbi G. classic. (Many thanks to Dustin’s artwork here…and to Christie’s patience with sweating!!)
Darbi G Photography-engagement-photographer-_MG_1270-Edit

The two changed clothes…and we headed downtown, stopping at a debatably tacky mural. (the one on the right is a favorite!!)
Darbi G Photography-engagement-photographer-_MG_1319 Darbi G Photography-engagement-photographer-_MG_1323-Edit

Darbi G Photography-engagement-photographer-_MG_1340

Darbi G Photography-engagement-photographer-_MG_1355

Darbi G Photography-engagement-photographer-_MG_1379Darbi G Photography-engagement-photographer-_MG_1397-Edit

Darbi G Photography-engagement-photographer-_MG_1446

Darbi G Photography-engagement-photographer-_MG_1468

Darbi G Photography-engagement-photographer-_MG_1475

Darbi G Photography-engagement-photographer-_MG_1485

Darbi G Photography-engagement-photographer-_MG_1499

Darbi G Photography-engagement-photographer-_MG_1507

Darbi G Photography-engagement-photographer-_MG_1516

Darbi G Photography-engagement-photographer-_MG_1518

Darbi G Photography-engagement-photographer-_MG_1538

Darbi G Photography-engagement-photographer-_MG_1555

Darbi G Photography-engagement-photographer-_MG_1583Darbi G Photography-engagement-photographer-_MG_1591

Darbi G Photography-engagement-photographer-_MG_1596

And we thought we were done… but then on the way back to the cars, Christie and I eyed this bench…and Dustin fell victim to our desire to shoot a few more. And I’m soooo glad we did.

Darbi G Photography-engagement-photographer-_MG_1598-bw

My absolute FAVORITE of the day!!!

Darbi G Photography-engagement-photographer-_MG_1604-Edit-Edit

And we’ll close with a piggy-back ride…that gave Christie’s sore feet some relief.

Darbi G Photography-engagement-photographer-_MG_1629

Christie & Dustin, I was so very fortunate to get to shoot your engagement photos. I wish you a wonderful last couple of months before you say “I Do”…and I wish you a beautiful wedding…and a blissful life together!

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