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{CONNECTION} Evan…all grown up.

A bittersweet post this is…only because it is the post-12-month session for the son of one of my best friends. He actually turned 1 back in July, but we bumped his session to September. And now, here it is, the end of November. And lil’ Evan is even a bigger boy now! WAHHHHHHH! SOB!!!

He also was recently on this blog for being the super-suave and FREAKING adorable ringbearer at a wedding last month. 

Evan means more to me than most kiddos do. His coming into this world last summer was just the beginning. He is the one that got me excited to have a son of my own. He is the one whom I envision being besties with Weston. He is the one who has been the source of countless laughs and lotsa cuddles. The first diaper my husband ever changed was Evan’s. Watching Neil read Evan a bedtime story (when I was 7 months pregnant myself) put me over the edge with anticipation to see my husband become a father.

So bottom line…he is special. I am sappy thinking about how he went from precious faux-hawked newborn to a giggly lil’one to an ADORABLE boy…an actual mini adult–a KID! From his hair, to his super cool attitude…(and the way he rocks the dapper clothes his mama dresses him in!)…to the fact htat he reaches out for me when I see him…he’s a charmer through and through. I am soooo thankful that I got to capture Evan’s first year in official portraits. Here’s to a second one!

And now, playdates with the two of them just make Gina and I even more excited to watch their friendship bud. And it better bud, or else… 😉 I want to start out the post with a pic or two of Evan and Weston together about a month ago. And then it’ll all be about Evan. Because he’s that awesome. 
And I happened to LOVE this pic of Gina and Evan. She’s sooo gorgeous. And Weston already has a crush on her. 😉 

Evan decided to throw Weston OUT of the car. hahahahaOk, the shoot is on!

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  • Darbi's Mom - These pictures are priceless! Evan is just adorable! Such a cute little family! Darbi, you did a beautiful job capturing so many precious shots of Gina, Zach and Evan!ReplyCancel