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Allison & Zack wedding: a sunshiney wedding on a sunshiney day

I have a special fondness for couples with whom I can immediately be myself. Allison & Zack are one of those couples. They are so easy-going, and you can not only see how comfortable they are together, as a team, but you can literally see how comfortable everyone else is around them.

Weather-wise, their engagement session a couple of months ago was quite the opposite of what was in store for them on the wedding day, last Saturday. But the same good humor and grace that I witnessed when we combatted rain showed up in full force for the wedding.

Courtney Tompson was my trusted second shooter that day.

Allison’s mother is clearly so proud of her daughter, who is a talented graphic designer here in Columbia, Mo. I wasn’t at the hotel long when I saw them share a hug to begin the day.
Darbi G Photography-Allison-Zack-wedding-DG-4936-Edit

And then it was go time…
Darbi G Photography-Allison-Zack-wedding-_MG_4974

Her bridesmaids were dolls, too. And there was something about this image that I just loved. The calmness, I think.

Darbi G Photography-Allison-Zack-wedding-_MG_4946

From dress to blooms, you can tell Allison has an eye for style.
Darbi G Photography-Allison-Zack-wedding-_MG_4949Darbi G Photography-Allison-Zack-wedding-_MG_4965

Ahhh, the power of Sponge Bob for keeping lil’ ones out of the way of hustling and bustling women.
Darbi G Photography-Allison-Zack-wedding-_MG_4996

Ahhh, the power of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for keeping the boys innocently entertained.
Darbi G Photography-Allison-Zack-wedding-IMG_8819-Edit

Back at the ladies ranch…

Darbi G Photography-Allison-Zack-wedding-_MG_5073

the flower girl’s mother (also a bridesmaid) sized her daughter up before we left.
Darbi G Photography-Allison-Zack-wedding-DG-5068-Edit

Allison even made these darling pink flower barettes to go in all her bridesmaids’ hair. She didn’t make the bling, though… 😉
Darbi G Photography-Allison-Zack-wedding-_MG_4989

Isn’t she beautiful?
Darbi G Photography-Allison-Zack-wedding-DG-5896-EditDarbi G Photography-Allison-Zack-wedding-DG-5901-Edit

The bride and groom opted to see one another well in advance of the ceremony. So we had a private first glance moment out at Stephens Lake where the rest of the day’s events were to take place.
How sweet it is…
Darbi G Photography-Allison-Zack-wedding-DG-5100-EditDarbi G Photography-Allison-Zack-wedding-DG-5107-Edit

Ignoring the beautiful, yet unforgiving sun, we all trekked down the paths at the park in search of some cool locales for some group photos.
Darbi G Photography-Allison-Zack-wedding-DG-5158-Edit

Darbi G Photography-Allison-Zack-wedding-DG-5167-Edit

Darbi G Photography-Allison-Zack-wedding-DG-5180-Edit

Cheesey? you don’t know the half of it. These boys were all about performing in front of the camera.
Darbi G Photography-Allison-Zack-wedding-DG-5277-Edit

Darbi G Photography-Allison-Zack-wedding-DG-5251-Edit

The ladies…ahh…the ladies. All so sweet. And check out the color palette!! I LOVE!
Darbi G Photography-Allison-Zack-wedding-IMG_9000-Edit

Darbi G Photography-Allison-Zack-wedding-DG-5216-Edit

I love how into it they all look. See? The coaching worked! 😉
Darbi G Photography-Allison-Zack-wedding-DG-5326-Edit

Back to the pavillion we went to rest up and get ready for the ceremony. I caught this of Allison as she talked with her parents.

Darbi G Photography-Allison-Zack-wedding-_MG_5416

Courtney caught this heckuva cute moment with the grandparents, looking over the lovely programs that Allison designed herself. (I think she should go into the business of designing stationery for weddings. Her stuff was soooo good! Had I only found her before I got married!! ;))

Darbi G Photography-Allison-Zack-wedding-IMG_9266

Here comes the bride!!! From Courtney’s perspective.
Darbi G Photography-Allison-Zack-wedding-IMG_9294

Darbi G Photography-Allison-Zack-wedding-DG-5646-Edit

Darbi G Photography-Allison-Zack-wedding-_MG_5649

How’s this for hungry lil’ boys??? The ring bearer enjoyed his ring-bearing pillow a bit too much, eh?
Darbi G Photography-Allison-Zack-wedding-_MG_5676

A moment Courtney caught that I LOVEEEEE!

Darbi G Photography-Allison-Zack-wedding-IMG_9357

And the Mr. and Mrs.!!!

Darbi G Photography-Allison-Zack-wedding-DG-5787-Edit

The speeches were so special…and funny.
Darbi G Photography-Allison-Zack-wedding-DG-5845-Edit
Darbi G Photography-Allison-Zack-wedding-IMG_9610
and i won’t reveal whose speech led to this response from Allison & Zack….

Darbi G Photography-Allison-Zack-wedding-DG-6086-Edit

Their first dance had sweet moments…and funny moments… and moments in which Allison rolled her eyes lovingly at her new husband. Such an enjoyment to watch!

Darbi G Photography-Allison-Zack-wedding-DG-6116-Edit

The cake was sooooo good!!

Darbi G Photography-Allison-Zack-wedding-_MG_5483

The couple (smartly!!) planned some extra time for some “just the two of them” shots. Courtney and I were ecstatic to use up the last rays of sunshine with the newlyweds.

Courtney’s beautiful moment.
Darbi G Photography-Allison-Zack-wedding-IMG_8780

And my view.
Darbi G Photography-Allison-Zack-wedding-DG-6519-Edit

Darbi G Photography-Allison-Zack-wedding-DG-6559-EditDarbi G Photography-Allison-Zack-wedding-DG-6683-Edit

Darbi G Photography-Allison-Zack-wedding-DG-6622-Edit

Darbi G Photography-Allison-Zack-wedding-DG-6590-summer

Darbi G Photography-Allison-Zack-wedding-CT-8846-Edit

Darbi G Photography-Allison-Zack-wedding-DG-6761-Edit

A catch by my counterpart…

Darbi G Photography-Allison-Zack-wedding-CT-8902-Edit

Moments later, Allison left her husband in the dust…
Darbi G Photography-Allison-Zack-wedding-DG-6795-Edit

And a photo of me with the loving couple!!! The only time I’ll ever come between them. 😉 haha
Darbi G Photography-Allison-Zack-wedding-IMG_8921

The last thing I saw as we walked to our cars to go home…the ringbearer turned flowerboy…
Darbi G Photography-Allison-Zack-wedding-_MG_6863

Allison & Zack!! I wish you both the best as you embark on a life together. Your wedding was so much fun and I enjoyed getting to know you both. Have a wonderful first summer as married…and here’s to many more!!

Oh! and I almost forgot…here are the vendors that made their day even more special:

Ceremony/Reception venue: Stephens Lake pavillion/park

Florist: Hy-Vee

Baker: Donita’s Cakes & Catering

Caterer: Donita’s Cakes & Catering (Michelle was the coordinator)

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  • Photography by Lara - Eeek! Fantastic job! Despite the challenge of shooting in direct, harsh sunlight the pictures turned out wonderfully!

    I LOVE her colors!ReplyCancel

  • Erika Jackson - Seriously – way to rock the direct sun! And the shots of just the two of them at sunset are STUNNING. One of my favorites from you ever!ReplyCancel

  • juliebandmajor - Allison looks so GREAT! and Zack too :). fab photos!!! I work with allison and was so excited for this day, and so excited to see these excellent photos! what a treasure!ReplyCancel

  • Dreaming Tree Photography - I am in love with this wedding! You are right – the colors are perfect. As always, Darbi, you did fabulous! You handled the sun perfectly and caught all of those special moments!ReplyCancel

  • clary5four - Awesome Darbi! The sun shots really do rock. The brides hair is just gorgeous!ReplyCancel

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