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Amy & Justin: Stars for the day, Starrs forever

Ok, so maybe the headline is a bit cheesey and lame. What? You wouldn’t have noticed if I didn’t call myself out? Oops. Okkkk…so…moving on.

Amy & Justin have proven once again that I have been blessed with amazing brides and grooms. Remember them from our lucky stint on the MU football field?? Yeah…lucky them…for more reasons than one.

The day’s events unfolded at the U Club at Reynolds Alumni Center on the MU campus. The bride is the one above….barking orders to her bridesmaid below. haha…The funny part about that is Amy is the sweetest person ever and doesn’t so much as whimper, let alone bark. 🙂

DarbiGPhotography-060609-114-EditDarbiGPhotography-060609-150-Edit I think words that would commonly come up in describing Amy would be… tiny, cute, and energetic. Wonder why….

Her sister did the makeup…. nicely done!


This might be one of my fave dress shots ever. And thanks to Jennifer, a bm, for helping me!

Check out the bling…shiny like a…STARR.


Ok, and this might be my favorite bouquet shot ever. (so what if I have a lot of all-time faves….hee hee) These colors are just to die for…and on a shiny, smooth piano, love was made. 🙂
All of us girls had chatted about the strange things we do when we do our own makeup. One of the bridesmaids (also one of the groom’s sister) described the way she used the mirror to steady herself while applying eyeliner. And she showed me a bit later… 🙂

The boys! The boys! where are all the boys!! Well, they are always more chilled…perhaps loosening up elsewhere. And one way to do so was to listen to some jams.


DarbiGPhotography-060609-443-Edit I loved how laid back all of them were. And Justin, you are so lucky to have such a good, fun group of guys to call your friends.


Before we left for the girl pics, the bride called for some reinforcements. This image caught by my assistant Ashley Clarke.

AMYYYYYYY!!!! oh how you make me sigh. 🙂
This girl was aLWAYS full of smiles. In fact, so was her groom. Both of them were in PAIN if I requested that they be serious…..


I could tell where Amy got her approachable friendly nature…I’ll give you a hint…she’s hugging him in the photo below. And she’s being walked down the aisle by him in the other pic…. Note how ornery the wind was being…it took her veil OFF as soon as she was up front.

That would be the notable Jesse Hall in the background. Perfect location!



Here is where you’ll have to excuse me. I couldn’t narrow these down. Because Amy and Justin worked enough time into their day for intimate pics of the two of them, we had soooo many great ones to choose from. It hurts to only blog these ones.




And then the romance was over. NOT….. BUT, we had to head back to the guests.

YUMMMMMY. And check out the expressions on the child-like faces….
DarbiGPhotography-060609-230 DarbiGPhotography-060609-1395
How darling is this idea they had for favors…

You dont’ even have to see her eyes to know they are full of love…
DarbiGPhotography-060609-1501 oh, and then fun was had by all… Ashley’s catches!



I might try to start getting my photo taken with the bride and groom at the beginning of the day so i don’t look so tuckered out…haha…don’t judge… 🙂

Amy & Justin wanted to sneak out and steal the last few rays of sunlight… we tried… and made do with dusk, and the wonderful setting. DarbiGPhotography-060609-1581
And I shall close with this….. a recurring theme…

Amy & Justin *, you two are amazing…so fun, care-free and lucky to have someone to share a lifetime of your HUGE smiles with. (and Amy, you’re lucky to have scored such an awesome last name!!) I wish you both friendly skies to soar in and plentiful memories with your awesome friends and family!

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