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{Hitched} Amber & Loren in small town Missouri

It’s funny. The weddings I’m most excited to blog often take the longest to do because I have to be in the right mindset to pour out my heart. And that takes awhile if I’m busy or pulled in a thousand different directions. I’m a photographer, yes. But since my original career goal (after I got over the desire to be a detective, ha) was to be a journalist…or magazine editor… I cannot deny that the power of words has their own place in my storytelling with photos. Many photographers just put up pictures. And there is nothing wrong with that. But for me, I feel like I want to convey a bit more than the pics show. I don’t do this for me, even. Or for the average blog reader. I do this for the clients. Because I want them to know that I’m not just shooting to get a paycheck. I’m documenting their wedding, as a photographer, yes… but also as someone who cares. And sometimes, words do the job better to give background.

I say all this because I am SO incredibly sorry that the couple who has blown me away on so many levels have had to wait the longest to see this blog post. (They have had their images for a long time by now…) But this is my love letter to them. Because their wedding came at the end of my season, and while I was preparing for a bridal fair for the first time. It also came right before my grandma died. And right before the holidays. I usually deliver images in 3 weeks, sometimes 4. But I want to be upfront and honest with you, with future clients, with everyone, because I think that is something that does separate me from the pack. I took longer than desired to get them their full gallery. (I did give them 150 pics at the 3-week mark so they could get gifts for the holidays made, etc.) But I was honest with them and requested permission to finish their gallery after the holidays and the craziness of the bridal fair so I could truly focus on their images.They were so understanding. They said to take all the time that I need. (I of course got everything finished for them as soon as my bridal fair was over!) But I’ve told them time and again how much I appreciate them, and I think I’m using this blog post to tell them once more. Here is my love letter, to the most patient, understanding, sweet and lovely clients…

Dear Amber & Loren,
Wow. What can I say that I already haven’t said? Haha When you both contacted me to shoot your wedding, I didn’t know anything about you both other than that you lived in a small town 2.5 hours away from Kansas City. And before your engagement session, I learned one more thing about you guys. Amber, you told me that you both don’t photograph well. Now, I’ve heard that time and again. A lot, actually. And usually, clients are just saying that. When I saw you guys, I wanted to crack up. Not because you were in fact deplorable looking. HA! But because you two were downright gorgeous. And ever since then, I’ve come to appreciate you both far beyond your darling looks.
Your family and friends made Ali & I feel right at home. I seriously could probably hang out with your parents and have a blast, Amber. Your dad, I tell you what. He’s one of a kind. Such a fighter. Such a strong man. He idolizes you so much, yet he apparently has no qualms about handing you over to Loren. In fact, it was obvious that Loren was WAYYY loved by your parents. And your mom is beautiful, sweet and proud of her beautiful and sweet daughter, and the kind, fun man she married. (And I SWEAR I DID NOT NOTICE HOW “DIRTY” HER HOUSE WAS!!!! Hahahahahahaha) I didn’t spend as much time with your parents, Loren, but they raised you, and that says A LOT. The way you look at Amber is enough to make any girl jealous. Amber, how does it feel to be so cherished?
Anyway… so your wedding. It snowed. And you braved the bitter cold, goosebumps and all, for photos outside. And not only that—but so did your wedding party! Including the ring bearer and flower girl. People don’t do that for just anyone. You clearly have armed yourselves with a support group that knows you’re worth it.
Aside from the snow, a few things that stick out to me about your wedding:

  • Your flower girl trying on your dress, Amber. How cute.
  • The fact that you like Turquoise.
  • Your handsome dog Luke. Dear Luke. I am so sorry that he is no longer on this Earth, but I am so glad I got to meet him, and take photos of him that you will always have.
  • The sense of humor you both have… with one another AND with me.
  • That you were game for something I’ve never done before and exchanged cards/gifts without seeing one another. Those pics in the pew before your First Glance were so touching.
  • Let’s talk about the fact that you turned a plain-Jane social hall into a darlingly romantic venue!!! I was blown away! Way to go!
  • And the Smores. YUM and YUM.
  • How touchy you both are with one another. It’s like you can’t be apart for long and once at each other’s side again, you fall back into place. Like mercury. It is mercury that does that, right? But only you’re not just a possibly dangerous metal. You’re a precious metal. So like a quicksilver version of platinum. 😉

Anyway, let’s get to showing off MY faves of the last wedding of 2014. It took me away from Kansas City, but I fell in love with every bit of the day thanks to having such amazing clients. I do so hope you stay in touch. And please know that you’ve earned your place in my heart! xo



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  • Darbi's Mom - Beautiful! Gorgeous! Such a cute, adorable couple! These pictures are so enchanting, magical like. Can’t describe it any other way! Darbi, you knocked this one out of the park. Beautiful work!ReplyCancel

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