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{Hitched} Ann & Matt in Kansas City (at the Hobbs)

A decade has passed since Ann & Matt met one another during their senior year in high school. There wasn’t insta-love; in fact, both had been in relationships when their paths crossed. But once they each broke up with their respective significant others, they found their way back to one another and spent the last summer before college side by side. They attempted to forge through long distance while Ann Tigerrrred it up at Mizzou and Matt took to Boston College. And it was hard to spend so much time apart, wondering if they were missing out on the college experience in order to spend time “together” on the phone. But be it as it may…several breakups later, it was clear that not being a couple was even harder.

When Ann  decided to continue her owneducation with grad school in Beantown, Matt decided he wasn’t going to let her go it alone. So he moved back to Boston in 2009, which made their future TOGETHER that much more inevitable.

As usual, proposal stories are always best when directly from the couple. This is Ann’s version of the day Matt solidified their future with a bit o’ bling…

I discovered that Matt was ring hunting,  and once he knew that I knew, he then kept me slightly updated on his hunt (i.e., “went to another store today but didn’t like the sales person… no one can believe you’re a size 3…etc.”). He told me when he bought the ring, but was ambiguous about when it was going to be ready for pick up. Soon after, he was acting very romantic around my birthday (Nov. 16) saying he was going to make dinner reservations, bake a pie, AND that he had multiple gifts to give me. I kept asking, “So is this going to be a birthday I’ll ALWAYS remember?!” and he kept telling me to not get my hopes up because the ring wasn’t ready yet. I didn’t believe him and the entire night of my birthday I thought he was going to propose — I even thought the ring might be in the apple pie he baked. Turns out, he was telling the truth.Then, about week later, we decided to book a last minute trip to New Hampshire over Thanksgiving weekend. We came up with the idea together and planned all of the activities together – so I wasn’t too suspicious. Just to be sure I even asked him again, “So… will this be a Thanksgiving worth remembering?!” and he just laughed saying, no, the ring still wasn’t ready. And this time I believed him.The first day that we made it to New Hampshire, we bought a hiking map from a gas station and chose a short/easy hike to do before checking into our hotel. We didn’t realize before, but the halfway point of the hike was at the top of a mountain with a beautiful view. There were several other groups of people up there taking pictures when we got to the top. Eventually the other people left the area and Matt took the opportunity to get on his knee and propose! I was completely surprised. Neither of us really remember what he said or what I said in the moment.

and with that…any move they made down the road, the two knew it would be together. Ann had no qualms about taking her speech pathology career from one coast to the other when Matt got offered a film-production job on an HBO film (How cool? it’s Larry David’s new movie CLEAR HISTORY!) so the City of Angels also became the City of Ann & Matt. (He now is working on post-production for the acclaimed TV series THE LEAGUE.)

This brings us to their wedding day. A few things I LOVED:

It was my first Greek Orthodox wedding (at Annunciation in South Kansas City). I was astounded at how beautiful the church was inside–all the reds and golds–so majestic. And the traditions of the ceremony were equally as humbling.

The sun refrained from being a scorcher that day, despite the forecast of quite the opposite. It was still humid and sticky as all get out, but the clouds at least kept the ultra-burn at bay.

I was so excited to once again work with HITCHED PLANNING & FLORAL. 

I had a crush on the bouquet. I mean, come on! there was cotton in it! (See Hitched link above. Those ladies are creative visionaries!)

Ann’s dress was so classic, with a vintage flair. And the straps and upper back lace were so flattering on her. I love when brides venture from strapless gowns for something a bit different!

all the ladies had such pretty hair styles and makeup. Thanks to CaraSue!

The color palette was so refreshing. Navy, grey, yellow and light blues. YUMMY, no?

The ties on the gents were fun and modern!

They had fun “yard games” to play at the cocktail hour, including a bean bag toss.

Ann’s step dad (who is hilarious, FYI…) also is HANDY with craft projects. 😉 He welded (???? is that the right term? haha) the COOL M & A sign outside the reception site and made the wood slices, cake stand, bean bag toss. And Ann & her mom made the paper flowers, JUST MARRIED banner, cake topper and lots of other personal touches. CRAFTINESS runs wild in their family!

The HOBBS is one of my favorite reception venues. Feasts of Fancy, the caterers for the HOBBS, never fail to impress my eyes OR my taste buds.

The entire day was just so FUN and easy-going. No drama. No snafus. Ali and I really enjoyed working with everyone. And watching everyone dance two special Greek dances was so thrilling. I almost got squished a few times (no one said wedding photography was not a dangerous gig!!!) but I was laughing all the while and seeing Ann fit in so well to MAtt’s Greek culture was heart-warming. No matter where their careers take them, they know their hometown of Kansas City is here with big, loving arms!!!!

Enjoy their pics! And leave them some comment love, pretty please. 🙂



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  • Lora - I love, love, LOVE the back of her dress! And the flower girl is just too cute 🙂 Gorgeous pictures, gorgeous couple, and gorgeous details 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Abby - Beautiful job capturing a magical day! Love, love, love the blog and photographsReplyCancel

  • janice smith - The pictures are absolutely beautiful. I want you to have your wedding again-it was so much fun!!! Love you guys, JaniceReplyCancel