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{Hitched} Anne Marie & Paul in Kansas City

So many elements collided into wonderful perfection that was Anne Marie & Paul’s wedding. A bride with exquisite taste, sweet demeanor and flexible beyond belief (not physically, haha)? CHECK. A groom with a very present wit and charm? CHECK. A bride with attendants who weren’t afraid to shed tears or laugh out loud…but literally were GORGEOUS no matter their expressions? CHECK. A groom with a group of guys who were good sports and fun to banter with? CHECK.

That’s just the start. The weather was glorious. The ring-bearer is the bride & groom’s nephew, Evan..and he stole a piece of my heart. (Well, that’s kinda a lie because he already had that piece since he was born as he is the son of two of Neil’s and my closest friends, the sister of the groom.) One venue was reverently splendid (Redemptorist Church) and the other was freshly industrial (Evergreen Event space at the Firestone Building). A photo below shows just how proud Paul’s mom is of her only son as she looks at him up at the altar. With my own son now, I was sensitive to that and nearly cried myself. Gorgeous light was to be had during their portraits, and I distinctly remember being giddy around AM & Paul because they too were dizzy with love for the other. And remember their love story? If not, go peek at their engagement session post and catch up. It’s a good one!

The slideshow during the reception had everyone emotional all over again. The toasts were laced with sentiment and inside jokes. And Anne Marie is such a darling crier. And Paul is such a darling tear-wiper-away-er. πŸ˜‰ Oh, gotta shout out to the caterer, Shining Star… The food was scrumptious and perfect for refueling. Paul’s family is Italian so there was an assortment of Italian cookies that AM & Paul walked around with while they visited with guests. I thought that was such a great idea to offer yummies AND hugs.

I love when brides and grooms step away from the expected. AM & Paul chose to forgo (that word always makes me think of the Bachelor/ette TV Series…who’s with me!? haha) the bouquet/garter belt toss and instead had an anniversary dance off. The couple left standing as the longest-to-be-married earned the mini floral arrangement and a round of much-earned applause.Β  The winners were the groom’s grandparents…married for over 60 years!!! OMG! That’s longer than my parents have been alive!

Judging from the way everyone tore up the dance floor, it was clear that their families and friends were only too happy to celebrate their love and support for the couple. AM & Paul’s wedding also oozed with one quality that is so THEM. It was COOL. It just felt like anyone who was there (including me, who is so UNCOOL other days)Β  was immediately cooler for being associated with the wedding. But I’m not talking about the kinda cool of popular kids who were unapproachable and pretentious. I’m talking about the ones who everyone liked…who you wanted to be around…who you wanted to have their style, and the ones who weren’t above telling you how to get it. πŸ˜‰Β  (Rumor is AM helps all her friends with their fashion sense because she just has a knack for knowing what goes well with occasions and outfits.) AM & Paul et al are CLASSY individuals through and through. LOVE THEM!

A big thank you to my assistant, Ashley Keith. And also to Gina & Zach and Kate & Jeff for providing evidence for why AM & Paul should book with me. And to both of your families for making us feel like way more than hired help. πŸ˜‰ And lastly…thank you, Anne Marie and Paul. You two are so incredibly fun to be around and I’m so glad that this isn’t the last time I will see you since our circles overlap. I know for a fact that you are a wonderful aunt/uncle to lil’ Evan, and a great sister and brother to your ever-growing family. And judging from those with whom you choose to surround yourself, it’s also pretty apparent that you’re good at the whole friendship thing. I can’t wait to watch you master these new roles you’ve stepped into–that of husband and wife. You’re going to nail it! Hugs to both of you!!!



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  • Darbi's Mom - Oh my, what a beautiful wedding this was! Love everything from the beautiful bride and handsome groom, to all the little details. And that little ring bearer, Evan, what a cutie! Oh, and the bridesmaids are beautiful, in particular one named Gina! Darbi, you did a wonderful job on this wedding. I’m sure they are more than thrilled with it.ReplyCancel

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