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Jenn & Ron wedding: Love with a CAPITOL L

Jenn & Ron found one another online and their love has blossomed to include more than just the two of them. When they exchanged vows in Jefferson City last weekend, it was the official coming-together of two families.

The day began at a super-darling bed and breakfast called the Briar Rose Inn

I was accompanied by the fabulous Erika Jackson, who was in town from Davis, CA. She was so much fun to shoot with and she caught some AH-MAZE-ING stuff.

Darbi G Photography-wedding-photographer-Ron-Jennifer-100-2

I think Jenn was tickled at the Victorian feel of the b-n-b… and I saw that style carried over to all her details. And she made her own two-piece dress. I didn’t learn that till the end of the day and my jaw dropped.

Darbi G Photography-wedding-photographer-Ron-Jennifer-100-3

Darbi G Photography-wedding-photographer-Ron-Jennifer-101-2

Check out these stunning rings. They look like they belong to royalty!
Darbi G Photography-wedding-photographer-Ron-Jennifer-101-3

The flowers were so natural and springy…a perfect touch!
Darbi G Photography-wedding-photographer-Ron-Jennifer-102-3

Beautiful henna…

Darbi G Photography-wedding-photographer-Ron-Jennifer-105-2

Beautiful bride…snapped by Erika.

Darbi G Photography-wedding-photographer-Ron-Jennifer-106-2

But let us not forget the men…the groom’s future with Jenn is so bright…he’s gotta wear…shades.
Darbi G Photography-wedding-photographer-Ron-Jennifer-112-2Darbi G Photography-wedding-photographer-Ron-Jennifer-110-2

Max found an armoir full of lovely hats. He tried them ALL on. Here is one.

Darbi G Photography-wedding-photographer-Ron-Jennifer-111-2

Integral parts of the wedding day, as well as Jenn’s life, are her two daughters. The photo on the right has all six hands in it…though it’s the back of the dress. I love it. Nice catch, Erika!

Darbi G Photography-wedding-photographer-Ron-Jennifer-107-2Darbi G Photography-wedding-photographer-Ron-Jennifer-108-2

I love this moment. A proud mama… and proud daughters!!
Darbi G Photography-wedding-photographer-Ron-Jennifer-103-3

Darbi G Photography-wedding-photographer-Ron-Jennifer-109-2Darbi G Photography-wedding-photographer-Ron-Jennifer-113-2

The ceremony was at the governor’s gardens.
Darbi G Photography-wedding-photographer-Ron-Jennifer-104-3

I like this shot of the groom and his best man.
Darbi G Photography-wedding-photographer-Ron-Jennifer-106-3

All hail the bride.
Darbi G Photography-wedding-photographer-Ron-Jennifer-107-3

Darbi G Photography-wedding-photographer-Ron-Jennifer-108-3

Darbi G Photography-wedding-photographer-Ron-Jennifer-114-2

Post-ceremony, family photographs we took. 🙂

Erika caught this adorable moment with Madison… and her father..with Ron looking on.

Darbi G Photography-wedding-photographer-Ron-Jennifer-115-2

And another adorable moment with Malakai… he was trying to help break down the ceremony site!! LOVE!
Darbi G Photography-wedding-photographer-Ron-Jennifer-110-3
The ladies.
Darbi G Photography-wedding-photographer-Ron-Jennifer-113-3

The gentlemen. The two on the sides are shot by Erika. LOVE them.
Darbi G Photography-wedding-photographer-Ron-Jennifer-119-2

And the couple in love. I love how they laugh together.
Darbi G Photography-wedding-photographer-Ron-Jennifer-112-3

Darbi G Photography-wedding-photographer-Ron-Jennifer-111-3

Darbi G Photography-wedding-photographer-Ron-Jennifer-117-2Darbi G Photography-wedding-photographer-Ron-Jennifer-116-2

Then we headed off to Native Stone Winery… what is not to love? Btw, Jenn and her daughters could not say ENOUGH good things about the staff at the winery. Totally accomodating…and went above and beyond for the special day.
Darbi G Photography-wedding-photographer-Ron-Jennifer-114-3

Darbi G Photography-wedding-photographer-Ron-Jennifer-115-3

Carribean rum cakes…delish!
Darbi G Photography-wedding-photographer-Ron-Jennifer-116-3

Darbi G Photography-wedding-photographer-Ron-Jennifer-122-2Darbi G Photography-wedding-photographer-Ron-Jennifer-121-2

Again with the beautiful flowers!!
Darbi G Photography-wedding-photographer-Ron-Jennifer-117-3

One of my favorite shots of the day…by Erika. This is the groom’s father…eyeing the rock on his daughter-in-law’s hand. The expressions are to die for!!
Darbi G Photography-wedding-photographer-Ron-Jennifer-119-3

A tender moment with the toasts…
Darbi G Photography-wedding-photographer-Ron-Jennifer-121-3

I just love this shot, too… he is soooo darling.

Darbi G Photography-wedding-photographer-Ron-Jennifer-123-2

Thank gosh Erika was on hand when Ron went a lil’ CRAZY with the wine… 😉
Darbi G Photography-wedding-photographer-Ron-Jennifer-123-3

We stole the bride and groom for a few last shots…

Darbi G Photography-wedding-photographer-Ron-Jennifer-125-2

Darbi G Photography-wedding-photographer-Ron-Jennifer-124-3

No…wait…this is my fave. HOTT!

Darbi G Photography-wedding-photographer-Ron-Jennifer-124-2

And what better way to cap off a wedding day than with this beautiful sight…Darbi G Photography-wedding-photographer-Ron-Jennifer-126-2

Jenn & Ron… It was so much fun being a part of such an intimate affair!! You have a wonderful, warm family and group of friends. Thank you for letting us be a part of the beginning of this new chapter.

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  • Photography by Lara - Darbi, I can’t tell you how much I love these! They are stunning!! Jenn and Ron have to be absolutely thrilled with your pictures. They are seriously fan-flipping-tastic. Amazing job!ReplyCancel

  • Erika Jackson - These are great Darbi! Your details blow me away and I love the shot of Jenn and Ron laughing together. I had so much fun with you and you’ve inspired me to work even harder! Thanks so much for inviting me along…now you better get out to California and shoot with me!ReplyCancel

  • clary5four - What a uniquie wedding which you photographed perfectly!! Love the brides dress and shots of the boys are my favorite.ReplyCancel

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