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Jennifer & Steven are engaged Bearcats

One of my dearest pals is getting married in November. I am their matron of honor (YAY!!), and Jenn was a bridesmaid in Neil’s and my own wedding. We love her!! And her man!!

As grads of Northwest Missouri State University, they wanted to return to Maryville, for their engagement shoot… because, after all, M-ville is where their love began. And to be more specific about their beginnings…we started at the Pub.

Darbi G photography-jennifer-steve-engagement-photography_MG_0282-Edit

Darbi G photography-jennifer-steve-engagement-photography_MG_0106-Edit


Darbi G photography-jennifer-steve-engagement-photography_MG_0117-Edit

I think what I love most about them… are their senses of humor.
Darbi G photography-jennifer-steve-engagement-photography_MG_0128-Edit

Isn’t Jenn’s attire adorable?
Darbi G photography-jennifer-steve-engagement-photography_MG_0163-Edit


Darbi G photography-jennifer-steve-engagement-photography_MG_0174-Edit

Anyone want to guess what their wedding date is? Or how much Jennifer loves her ring?
Darbi G photography-jennifer-steve-engagement-photography_MG_0213-Edit

Darbi G photography-jennifer-steve-engagement-photography_MG_0221-Edit

Darbi G photography-jennifer-steve-engagement-photography_MG_0232

Because Jennifer and I are dorks when we are together, we couldn’t help but target their date one more time… πŸ™‚
Darbi G photography-jennifer-steve-engagement-photography_MG_0235

And then back outside we went…
Darbi G photography-jennifer-steve-engagement-photography_MG_0256

Darbi G photography-jennifer-steve-engagement-photography_MG_0268-EditDarbi G photography-jennifer-steve-engagement-photography_MG_0275-Edit

Darbi G photography-jennifer-steve-engagement-photography_MG_0301-Edit

Darbi G photography-jennifer-steve-engagement-photography_MG_0307-bw

Darbi G photography-jennifer-steve-engagement-photography_MG_0313-EditDarbi G photography-jennifer-steve-engagement-photography_MG_0317-Edit

Darbi G photography-jennifer-steve-engagement-photography_MG_0322-EditDarbi G photography-jennifer-steve-engagement-photography_MG_0346-Edit

Darbi G photography-jennifer-steve-engagement-photography_MG_0349-Edit

Sidewalk smooching done…we headed to the Northwest Missouri State’s campus… and the stadium. Jenn & Steven truly bleed green and white. And I’m really surprised those aren’t their wedding colors…or that they aren’t hiring the Bobby to be the officiant.
Darbi G photography-jennifer-steve-engagement-photography_MG_0357-Edit

Darbi G photography-jennifer-steve-engagement-photography_MG_0368-EditDarbi G photography-jennifer-steve-engagement-photography_MG_0426-Edit

Darbi G photography-jennifer-steve-engagement-photography_MG_0419-Edit

Darbi G photography-jennifer-steve-engagement-photography_MG_0379-Edit

Darbi G photography-jennifer-steve-engagement-photography_MG_0391-Edit

Darbi G photography-jennifer-steve-engagement-photography_MG_0394-Edit

This one makes me laugh…my assistant…otherwise know as my husband…went ahead and played along…but I’m there, too! Can you see me? haha
Darbi G photography-jennifer-steve-engagement-photography_MG_0430-Edit

Jenn’s shoes were sooo darling. πŸ™‚

Darbi G photography-jennifer-steve-engagement-photography_MG_0400-EditDarbi G photography-jennifer-steve-engagement-photography_MG_0408-Edit

And who doesn’t love a green and white bus?

Darbi G photography-jennifer-steve-engagement-photography_MG_0433-Edit

Darbi G photography-jennifer-steve-engagement-photography_MG_0446-Edit

Darbi G photography-jennifer-steve-engagement-photography_MG_0448-Edit

Darbi G photography-jennifer-steve-engagement-photography_MG_0459Darbi G photography-jennifer-steve-engagement-photography_MG_0473-Edit

ANOTHER favorite!

Darbi G photography-jennifer-steve-engagement-photography_MG_0493-Edit

I spy love in her eyes…
Darbi G photography-jennifer-steve-engagement-photography_MG_0494-Edit

The curtain falls on the kissing bridge…where, according to legend…a female student isn’t officially a co-ed until she has been kissed on the bridge before the first snowfall. JENNNIFERRR… are you officially a coed? πŸ™‚

Darbi G photography-jennifer-steve-engagement-photography_MG_0502

Jennifer & Steven… thank you so much for doing me the honor of letting me shoot your engagement photos. I am so excited for both of you… and November will be here before we know it.

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  • Temple & Nick - I love the last one on the bridge the best, but they are all fabulous…of course! CONGRATULATIONS JENNIFER!!! You look very happy.ReplyCancel

  • clary5four - Wow!! Jennifer is gorgeous!! And I love all the shots in the pub:):)

  • Lana - omg. I’m so ticked off at you right now!! YOU CAME TO MY STOMPING GROUNDS AND DIDN’T CALL ME OR ANYTHING!

    There are like NO SWPB photogs around here, and you were HERE. *smack*


    I found this on accident btw. I was looking up the kissing bridge and found you. I shoot every college student couple there!ReplyCancel